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Just an FYI to those who don't know, but Pokemon Conquest had a preorder to get 5 pokemon not previously in the game.

Well Gamestop has 2 bundles of 5 pokemon each (10 total) as a new reward in their powerup rewards program. Each bundle of 5 is only 1000 points (very easy to get if you shop at gamestop at all). Just thought I'd pass the knowledge along :D

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Release it in the UK then we'll talk.

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Why are you advertising Gamestop stuff here ? I just opened your lego batman thread and its almost the something as this one

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pre-ordering is dumb when you cant walk into any big box store day one and there is tons of the game. It takes me literally less than 10 minutes to buy a game at Best Buy without pre-order. They can keep their extra BS.

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The codes are already online

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@Hizang said:

Release it in the UK then we'll talk.

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