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I am in Japan and just bought a DSi and Pokemon Diamond (used, which is an important factor which I will flesh out here in a second). I speak a little Japanese but dont understand most of the language. I have been able to get by pretty well except I can't save and I don't know why! 
I understand where the save option is in the menu, for those of you who speak japanese better than I do this is what it says when I try to save: すでに べつの ポケモンレポートが かかれていますので レポトガ かけません。 くわしくは とりあつかいせつめいし ょを  ごらんください。 
But I think it means there is already a saved game so because of this I cannot save. Then it definately says to please refer to the instruction manual, which i will try to do but I have failed at thus far. I bought this game used so it already came with a saved game on it. Anyone know how to save over/delete already existing saves on pokemon diamond?
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I think it already used all the saved slots? I think.

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K. Do you play diamond? How would I go about freeing a saved slot up (the one and only?)
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I figured it out, thank you. You were helpful though... I was able to narrow down my google search. Now that I found it I found it in the manual as well but thats some jenky shit.    Press up on the control pad, press select, and press the b button all at the same time on the screen where it says press start.    

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