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Pokemon Pearl Review

When I first got this game, I thought it would be fun but still have that boring Pokemon feel (you know, going from town to town can get pretty boring and redundant), but when I started playing, it sucked me in and I couldn't stop playing. It still starts out the same, you just went out with your friend when a group of Pokemon attack and you have to grab one of the three Pokemon starters (fire, water, grass) and then because you fought so well you get to keep it and end up going on a quest to get all of the badges, beat the Elite Four, Stop the evil team (team galactic in this case), and, well, "catch em all".

One of the best parts about the new game is the choice to access the underground. The underground is a system of tunnels spread all across Sinnoh (underground), and when there, you can dig for spheres (underground currency), evolution stones, and fossils. You can also create your secret base and steal your friends flag when both going down at the same time (not Wi-Fi compatible). Another thing that is good about this game is that because it is on the DS, the graphics are better and it actually looks like the buildings are buildings and not giant stickers slapped on the ground.

But what happens in one of the latter installments of this series is that a lot of the sounds are recycled and does not sound as crisp as it could have been. But don't get me wrong, the music for this game is amazing. The music in Sunyshore is so inspirational and fun to listen to, I went into the city and just listened to it for a really long time. One of the newer things that I experienced is the national dex. Once you see every Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex Professor Oak comes and gives you the national dex. This dex has a spot for every single Pokemon in the whole series. "But how do you catch them all if pearl only has Sinnoh Pokemon" you ask, there are three ways. 1. Pal Park: If you recall this game is on the DS and the DS has a GBA slot. So if you put Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Saphire, or emerald in and go to the Pal Park, you are able to migrate 6 Pokemon every 24 hours and then go in and catch them, what makes it even better, you automatically catch them! 2. Online trade: In Jubilife City there is a place called GTS. Inside you can start up Wi-Fi and ask for a Pokemon, this results in a group of trainers from around the world appearing and you can talk to them and see what Pokemon they would like for the one you want. There is also deposit, which is where you deposit a Pokemon and check back later to see if someone has made you and offer on it. 3. Battle "Island" An area that is only accessible after beating the elite four, the grass and water holds Pokemon from other games.

 One of the things that is really dumb is the "Event" Pokemon. There are 3 legendary Pokemon that need "special Nintendo events" to capture. This is a really stupid way because it means that you can only catch them all if you somehow find a way to get something that is almost impossible to get.

Even so if you are a fan of Pokemon or just want to get a good game for the DS that is easy to rack up over 100 hours, get Pokemon Pearl of Diamond.

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