rockenhard's Pokémon Emerald (Game Boy Advance) review

An improvement over ruby and sapphire

Yes I am aware this came out in 2005, but let me start by saying that I just joined Giant Bomb and want to review some games. Pokemon Emerald is much like Ruby and Sapphire, only like other sister games in the series it adds some minor improvements. The story is still the same, only this time you go up against both Team Magma and Aqua rather one or the other. As the cover might indicate Rayquaza has a very important role in this story stopping Groudon and Kyogre from destroying the world. Other additons include pokemon sprites (Something Gamefreak seems to only include in the third game of the generation) newly designed gym's and the ability to capture Groudon or Kyogre. I did not really have complaints over than the game only having so many new features. Overall a must play.


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    The Pokemon series has always did and sold well. This one is no exception.Pokemon Emerald is actually a upgrade of ruby and sapphire rather than being a totally new game. The game have almost enough upgrades to ensure a second purchase.What's new and what's not?Found out below with a detailed review.This review will cover the graphic, audio, story, gameplay and the lasting appeal which will be covered in four different section.Graphic - The graphic have been upgraded from the previous version bu...

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    Positive: - core Pokemon gameplay is as solid as ever - gyms have new puzzles and leaders have some different Pokemon - story is a combination of Ruby and Sapphire, only better - little bits here and there that make it a whole different experience than Ruby/Sapphire - Negative: - day/night feature is (still) absent - still struggles to live up to Gold and Silver - Pokemon has got to be one of the biggest franchises of all time. That franchise also tends to follow a pattern: 1) release two versio...

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