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Pokemon Fire Red Review

Gameplay and Mechanics: 4

The overworld consists of many towns in each town there is ussually a Pokemon Center(where you can heal your pokemon) a Pokemart(where you can buy items), and a Gym. Besides completeing your pokedex, beating the gymleaders in each gym is your main objective. Gyms are places where you battle trainers who use one pokemon type which you defeat to battle the Gym leader. By defeating the gym leader you can obtain badges which get you into the pokemon league. Along with gym leaders, there is also ussually one event that happens in each town. So you may get to ride a ship or play in a casino. With the bicycle and the addition of running shoes travel is an easy thing, there is also a Hidden Machine(ability that a pokemon can use) availible later in the game that makes it even easier.

The battle system is turn-based in this game, you have four options Fight, Pack, Pokemon or Run. Fight consists of four moves that your pokemon has learned which are divided into categories of type (ex. Rock, Flying, Electric) each move type has it's strength and weaknesses, some do alot of damage, some are less effective, and some have no effect at all depending on what type of move you selected and what type the opposing pokemon is. Pack gives you the option to give your pokemon items(ex. Potion, Antidote) you have in your pack during-battle which can have various effects(Heal HP, Increase Attack). Pokemon lets you switch out to another Pokemon you have in your party during-battle. Run let's you escape a wild pokemon if your current pokemon on field if you pokemons current level is higher than the opposing pokemon(sometimes you can when it isn't). The upside to the turn-based system is that you can plan your moves at your own pace, the downside is that it can be a little slow to impatient players.

Controls: N/A
Simple like all GBA games, if you like pressing the "A" button you'll like playing this game.

Graphics: 4
Graphics are basically an update of the original Pokemon Red. The presentation of the pokemon look good despite not having much animation. Every attack has it's own animation which is fully colored. The turf is also updated from the original Red. Despite some places where there could be animation the graphics are really great compared to other gba games.

Sound: 4
Sound is all remixed from the orginal Pokemon Red. Each pokemon has audio, which is really good considering how many pokemon there are, every attack has audio to. Music in the overworld is solid how it is, relaxing music on a beach, spooky music in a spooky tower. The only letdown here is the lack of variety in the battle music, could have been different battle music depending on area, seeing how much of your time is during battle it can get repetitive.

Re-Playability: 4
Considering on how many pokemon there are. And the other 2 starters to choose, this game is easily ranked among the highest replayed games on the gba.

Overall: 4
The gameplay is perfect how it is, the graphics is very good compared to other gba games, and the sound is solid. Despite, a sense of slowness, tediousness, or repititivness in some parts, it's really good compared to other gba games, all in all if you are new to the series or old you should really consider getting this game.


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