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Solid Remake - Great for Newcomers

Pokemon Leaf Green came out around my birthday. As Crystal was my first game, I wanted it. Looking back, I’m not sure why, but I did. Man, what a great decision.

Let’s start with the basics: This is a remake of Pokemon Red/Blue for the Game Boy. If you solved the puzzles in those games, you’ll breeze through most of the puzzles in this game. It also has some additions from Ruby/Sapphire, like the running shoes. Among the new items is the VS Seeker, which took me a while to find. Basically, you walk to recharge it, then you activate it to challenge trainers you’ve battled before. It’s a nice addition to help you advance through the game. I also like the fact that the game isn’t too linear. You don’t have to go through the main quest the whole time. You’re free to choose what to do, which Pokemon to use, and what items to use. This allows you to truly be unique with your selection of Pokemon.

The look of the game is nice. Not too flashy, not too ugly. It’s a good medium, a step up from Ruby/Sapphire. The sound is excellent. It’s basically remixes of music from Red/Blue. After some time, I got annoyed by the repetitive music and decided to listen to my iPod instead.

The game isn’t too hard. My first play through lasted me about 89 hours until I grew bored of it. Just a week ago I started a new file, the third one. Before, I played for 11 hours. I’ve currently played 3 hours on my new file. Each time I play it, it’s a little different. This is just..great. It’s a good time waster.

Overall, this version is a great remake of the games that started it all. I suggest picking it up.

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Posted by Warborn

I agree with your review, I just recently put some hours into the game. I beat the main storyline and felt if this is a remake, why not throw in some extra baggage. Sure there is the few they have added, but I feel its not enough since the game is pretty old considering.

In my opinion in the remakes for the Gameboy Advance could have really added something new to the old game, maybe something they wanted to put in before, but never got too. Would've been cool too see but as I previously stated, your review is basically spot on with my own opinion of the game.

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