Voltorb Flip Strategy Discussion

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 So. We all know there's a different minigame in the NTSC/PAL release than the usual slot machines..
And it's a welcome change! This thread is to discuss any patterns you notice and your strategies for this game, and while it's obviously some part luck, I believe together we can learn from each other's playstyle 

 Here are some basic things I discovered:

- When the total of the bombs and numbers to be found at a given row/col equals 5, it means that row/col is unrelevant to the player as it is only filed with 1's and bombs.
 so you can just mark that whole lines as 1's and ignore it. (seeing as you only needs to uncover the 2's and 3's in order to beat the level)

 - Also, if there's a row/col with 0 bombs you can simply open all of it's blocks.
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Good hints. 
I want good old slots back. :( 
This game is to frustrating for me.

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Just got to Goldenrod, figured I'd give this a shot, four hours later I have thousands of coins.
This game rocks. I use Whenn's strategy to clear out the easy stuff then just kind of wing it from there.

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