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2 years later and still not too bad 1

For anybody who has never played Pokemon on the DS, Pokemon Platinum is a great recommendation and something you must buy. For anybody who's owned the previous versions, it's still a fantastic RPG, but unless you're a Pokemaniac or you just must play with the new features, it's just recycled trash.Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has sold millions of copies worldwide, which means if you're thinking about buying this, you probably have a Nintendo DS and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl for it. If this is your c...

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really nice for pokemon fans and newcomers alike 1

for those of you who are big fans of pokemon: i recommend this whole heatedly, even if you already own diamond or pearl.  i myself already own pearl, and i must say this is still fascinating to me.  lots of new challenges, re-playable gym leaders, a few new forms of some pokemon and you have some serious fun.  ive heard theres also a battle frontier, for those who are familiar with pokemon emerald.  im about 6 hours in, and im enjoying myself all over again.  be warned, this game seems a bit har...

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Throw away your copy of Diamond and Pearl. 0

 You don't need them anymore...well maybe for the exclusives in those versions but that is the extent of your need. Platinum is a much needed fix on the games, improving an incredibly slow user interface that made an average Pokemon Battle last 5 to 10 minutes instead of a minute and under.  The difference in that speed is truly mind boggling and more so that Nintendo let the slow user interface of Diamond and Pearl release into the wild.  Other changes present involve the battle tower like the ...

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Possibly the best Pokemon game yet. 0

As most people know this is almost the same game as 2007's Diamond and Pearl. It's basically the 'director's cut' of those games.. However it is freaking great Director's Cut! Now.. I don't reccomend this to casual Pokemon fans that already have Diamond and Pearl, but If you are either:A. A Harcore Pokemon FanB. Someone who missed out on Diamond or PearlThan I whole-heartedly reccomend this game! The Pokemon aren't as great as the earlier gens, but the deceptivily deep battle-system and the vast...

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Insert clever title here 0

Pokemon, it's one of Nintendo's most popular franchises ever consisting of over 40 games. Now, HeartGold and SoulSilver are being releases state-side in about a month. I thought now would be the time to talk about Pokemon Platinum. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released here in the US on April 22 2007. If you know about pokemon games, you'd know that over time, two games in a generation form to form the same game, just with a few new features. Exactly 1 year and 11 months later (really, EXACTLY...

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