What was your first pokemon game?

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I wanna know what version of pokemon you started with and when did you get it. I also want a little back ground information on your experience with the game.
I personally got the Special Pickachu GameBoy Color with Pokemon Yellow. It was the thing that made me into a gamer because to be honest it was my very first moments with a video game. And i loved every second of it. I loved pokemon so much i bought blue and red a few months later. Looking back at my pokemon yellow save proves how much i liked it. I actually did collect all 150 pokemon. And i had over 200 hours into the game.

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I got red first, but then it got stolen at school :(

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Depressing. D:
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Blue was my first.

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Red. I played a cousin's copy of Red for two hours, loved it, and decided I must have it. And have it I did. The pokémon he used (Hitmonlee, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, Venusaur, can't remember the others) all became mainstays for me.

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Honestly, there was no more fun to be had than the original Red/Blue. Sure it's old, janky, and inferior mechanically to the more recent games, but it was game I spent the most time with as a kid, and the game that defined the Game Boy platform. Those games probably damaged the environment a little with the number of batteries I must have drained through playing it.
I collected 150 Pokemon, and cheated in Mew to make it 151. That was, of course, before the more recent glitches were discovered in the game to catch Mew (come to think of it, not sure when that glitch was discovered, but I didn't have the internet back then to find that out anyway).
Edit: just checked, and my old Red/Blue savegames are both intact. Too bad they're from restarted files somewhere near the beginning of the game : \  Got my level 100 cheated Mew, though.

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It was the blue pokemans.

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@AndrewB: It wasnt a glitch it was the actual way for the coders had made it to find mew. Fucking impossible. Thanks god for the internet. Amirite? :D
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The only sad part about my story is that i have to play my old pokemon games on a GBA which is fine. But the main point why is because i cant find my special pickachu game boy. I really wanna find it because i got that thing when i was six and was my childhood defining system growing up.

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I've been playing Pokemon since Red.

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Red was my first, Silver is my favorite.

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@Joeyoe31:  Was that a Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, or Game Boy Color? I think they all had special edition Pikachu versions. I'd still kill for one of the old GB Color or one of the newer limited edition DSes, though.
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Here is a image of the exact Game boy that i owned. I dont remember the Pichu though. I think it was togipi and jigglypuff. (the 2 tuffest of pokemon) But yeah that was the basic color and shape of it.
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The original Red I mean,

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@Joeyoe31: Man, I always wanted one of those...
I also love the DS Lite one. Simple design, but awesome.
Not to derail the topic... continue on, people.
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Yeah man. I would throw down some serious money for that. I'm really considering getting on of the pickachu's game boys from amazom or ebay. (which ever is cheaper) Amazon has it used for 33 bucks. Jump on it if you really want one.

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Blue, babay.

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