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Pokemon is the greatest handheld game of all time

You start out on your journey as a young boy named Ash, in a small town called Pallet Town. In an are called Kanto, which started off the universe of Pokemon, and can roam in this world full of creatures called Pokemon, explore, and travel making new friends along the way. This may seem to be kiddish and like your standard RPG, but actually goes into pretty great fun depth.
You start your journey by waking up and then chossing your pokemon of 3 choices, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Then you meet your professor, and your rival whom you name yourself. Then you go explore the world of Kanto, leveling up your Pokemon. But, the main goal of this game is to go around Kanto and achieve the 8 badges then beat the Elite Four. The control is like your average 2D RPG gamplay with turn based battles. As you go on your journey, you can also catch pokemon with Poke balls, and use them in your party. There can be up to 6 Pokemon in your party. Each gym leader has their own specific type of Pokeon, so be prepared to have the right types of Pokemon to have an affective attack against your foe.
Pokemon requires a lot of thinking, like what Pokemon you should have in your party, and what types, also leveling all 6 of them up.
This game follows a story pretty well close to the show, and adds tons of little quests that keep you busy, so your not just battling gym leaders. You'll need to obtain certain items to advance through the game, as well as battling Team Rocket a few times through the game, which are the evil bad guy corporation lead by Giovani.
As you level up your Pokemon most of them will evolve once you reach a certain level, also learning new moves/attacks as you progress, as level 100 being the highest level to obtain. Your Pokemon can only carry 4 moves and when you dont teach your pokemon a move at that certain level to learn it, you cant relearn it again, so being very smart to choose good movestes adding a lot of stratigic thinking.
Thats just a small summary of Pokemon Red/Blue have in store for all of you, and I'm not going to recommend this game too you, I'm going to tell you to play this game no matter what, because it is that fun and addicting, The game is with no flaws, an upbeat awesome lovely soundtrack, you cant go wrong, go play this game now.

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