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Pokemon is the unicorn of heldheld gaming 0

What you see before your eyes is a review for one of the most popular games ever created, which inspired a generation. Pokemon Red and Blue were games available in Japan in 1996, and then transferred over seas to the U.S. in 1998. It doesn't matter if you love 'em or hate them, no one can deny the following Pokemon led in the 90's. Spawning a successful cartoon after the games success, and popularization of a trading card series in the global market, Pokemon seemed to be unstoppable. It all star...

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My Rival's Name Is Dick 0

Let's get this out of the way right now: it is 2014. I am reviewing Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy Color. I had difficulty getting ahold of my copy of the game because Pokemon Blue is old enough to have a driver's license and, in seven months, will be old enough to legally buy cigarettes. Pokemon Red and Blue were released in North America in September of 1996. They're old enough to give consent, dammit. But not old enough that I don't remember how to get past most of the difficulties I dealt with...

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Pokemon is the greatest handheld game of all time 0

You start out on your journey as a young boy named Ash, in a small town called Pallet Town. In an are called Kanto, which started off the universe of Pokemon, and can roam in this world full of creatures called Pokemon, explore, and travel making new friends along the way. This may seem to be kiddish and like your standard RPG, but actually goes into pretty great fun depth.  You start your journey by waking up and then chossing your pokemon of 3 choices, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Then...

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Still A Classic Even Today 0

Reviewer's Note: Although Red & Blue are technically separate games, due to their minor differences, they will be reviewed as a single package.This is it. The original. The granddaddy of the media cash-cow franchise that Nintendo still relies on to make some serious dough. Though I kind of fell out of the loop after the Gold/Silver era, it's my understanding that the series hasn't changed much. But if that means the gameplay is unchanged, fine by me. You play as a Pokemon Trainer, entering r...

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The Game That Sold The Gameboy 0

Pokemon Red/Blue is a JRPG set in what is called the Kanto Region. The player takes on the identity of a young boy whose goal is to catch 150 Pokemon, beat the elite four, and become a Pokemon master. Your player carries a team of 6 Pokemon at one given time while you can store other members of your team in "Bill's PC". Pokemon Red/Blue was released in 1998 for the Gameboy as a monster catching game marketed towards players connecting and intereacting with each other.Since being made in 1998, th...

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The original pokemon 0

Theres nothing like picking up a gameboy and playing one of the 3  orginal pokemon games. They are by far some  the  greatest games ever made and some of the most popular. The orginals are much better than the pokemon coming out these days. If you ask me  the pokemon games coming out around  now are crap! The last good  ones were Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green because they are basically the orginals with a little extra added to the game.Thats the same with the show to. The orginals were good  n...

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Pokemon Red/Blue review 1


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Still play it today 0

Pokemon is a game that you should definetly check out this game if you dont know what game to buy on the game-boy.Game play This game is a fun RPG game for the game boy i think this is the best game you can get. I still play this game every day even know i have other consoles. In this game you can get allot of pokemon's and you get them stronger, after you beat this game you'd want to beat this game again because its so good and it never gets boring. You can explore in a big pokemon world with c...

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