Pokemon Rumble: Or "Lets Beat the Shit Out of Pokemon"

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Pokemon Rumble Logo

Okay, so I'm sure 90% of you guys don't play Pokemon anymore, and I certainly understand. After years of handhelds games, and years of Stadium ish console games, I'm sure you got tired of them. That or the mass merchandising, yearly movies, boring and stale TV show, or perhaps the 300560343589 new Pokemon that you don't care about. 
Its all cool, but I'm going to talk about this game because it might interest you if: 
  1. You love the original 150 Pokemon
  2. Like Collecting Pokemon, currency, or playing 4 player multiplayer
  3. Like to beat the crap out of Pokemon
So to play this, you use the controller sideways. The A button is used to bring up a real time menu to switch away your Pokemons, and the 1 & 2 buttons are used for your Toy Pokemon's attacks. I'm currently in the S Rank, and have yet to gone further.

Pokemon in Poession
Oh yeah, and all the Pokemon are all super cute and deformed low poly models somewhat similar to My Pokemon Ranch. So far I've only encountered the original 150 Pokemons, but I just used some passwords from the official site and have received 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation Pokimans. 
There are 6 stages to play, each focusing on similar Pokemon types like a fire world with fire types, or a beach world with water types and so on.  You have these things called "Keys" which look like wind up keys. You get three of them, and these basically work as lives. So if your Pokemon is knocked out, you'll lose a key, and if you lose all three keys, you lose the level, BUT get to keep any Pokemon you befriended along the way.  

Getting Beat Up

Befriending Pokemon works by beating the shit out of groups of them, and hopefully some of them get knocked back into their toy form. You can keep collecting these dudes, as they come in all sorts of different levels or attacks. You can also release any Pokemons you don't want anymore, and they'll leave those Pokemon Coins. 


The coins can be used to buy new random Pokemon at higher levels depending on your current Rank, or to teach them new moves, which are also random.
After receiving a certain power level Pokemon, the gates to the Battle Royale open. 

Mystery Pokemon

You complete the Battle Royale by defeating a certain number of Pokemon in a free for all, and the mystery Pokemon shown at the beginning. You're also timed in this, so if you run out of time you lose. 
After you beat the Battle Royale, you're given a launch pad so you can go to the next difficulty. You'll have 6 more levels, and a new Battle Royale to beat. 

B Rank Levels

Example of Pokemon you can fight/befriend
Also, in every level there is an end boss like so: 


And after you defeat the boss, you get showered with coins. And if you beat the shit out of the boss, you also get to befriend him.

This is a screen shot of the end of the level where you get to see the Pokemon you befriended and their stats.

Pokemon Befriended
Yeah, well I don't know what else to say about it. I really like the game, and I'm sure some of you will too. It has some catchy music if you're wondering. 
But hey, if you have a Wii and an internet connection, why don't you just try the demo? Its available for a limited time and it only takes up around 180 something blocks. 
Oh, and all those pictures in this post were taken by me. The game lets you pause and take a picture to be saved on your SD card at any time.  
Here is a gameplay video, not by me. 
If you want to know anything more about Pokemon Rumble, just ask me.
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I played the demo.

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And what did you think of it?

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