supakoopatroopa's Pokémon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color) review

This will teach you to play the card game in no time.

I got this game back in the day when I used to collect the cards, around 1999-2000. I collected the cards, but I never knew how to play until I got this game.

The advantage you get with this game over cards is that you get to play against the npc's decks. You might think this is easy, but the computer isn't stupid, it knows how to play. It may not be as fun as playing real people, but chances are the only real people you are going to play is your mom.

Work your way through the game, defeat many npc players and bosses and you will earn new cards and can build new decks.

There's not much else to it. You will learn to play classic Pokemon, I don't know about the new card's rules. It is a simple little game, but you will be hooked on it until you beat it. I can't find anything wrong with it for what it is.


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