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#51 Posted by OhpMckenzie (22 posts) -

Took the series with @jinx1 2-1. All eevee-loution team gave me some trouble, don't underestimate it!




#53 Posted by JJOR64 (19070 posts) -

Looking forward to see who wins. :D

#54 Posted by fragor87 (85 posts) -

@ohpmckenzie and I are planning to play the final round on Wednesday night.

#55 Posted by DarthOrange (3909 posts) -

@jinx1 said:

I think it will be between fragor and ohpmckenzies team in the finals, that mega pinsir is just deadly.

Holy shit you were right. I hope Ohp wins so that I can say I was the only one to beat his team this season.

#57 Posted by fragor87 (85 posts) -

I defeated @ohpmckenzie 2-0. We only played one battle which went to time and the second match was forfeited before being played. Thanks for the good fight @ohpmckenzie. I'm hoping you stick around to play in the next GB season. Here is the battle video:


#58 Edited by OhpMckenzie (22 posts) -

Yeah, @fragor87 beat me in our first game. He took the win when the timer ran out. I was really just stalling as much as possible to see if it would end in a draw or something, but I knew as soon as he got stealth rocks up it was over. I'm forfeiting the second game because I know I don't have anything that could reliably help me take the lead and I'm already down one game.

So congrats to fragor87 on the win! Sorry if the finals were a bit of an anti-climax, but I figured I'd just take the loss than waste both of our time.

#59 Posted by DarthOrange (3909 posts) -

So congrats to fragor87 on the win! Sorry if the finals were a bit of an anti-climax, but I figured I'd just take the loss than waste both of our time.

I did the same thing. I am going to repeat what I have been saying for the past few seasons: Blissey is OP and should be banned.

#60 Posted by JJOR64 (19070 posts) -

Grats frago87. :D

#61 Edited by OhpMckenzie (22 posts) -

@ohpmckenzie said:

So congrats to fragor87 on the win! Sorry if the finals were a bit of an anti-climax, but I figured I'd just take the loss than waste both of our time.

I did the same thing. I am going to repeat what I have been saying for the past few seasons: Blissey is OP and should be banned.

Ha, Blissey is pretty powerful but shouldn't really be banned from any format. It has huge spdef and HP but it can definitely be taken out with a single physical hit. The problem is it's usually teamed up with something physically bulky such as a Skarmory or Gliscor to take that hit.

#62 Posted by GoranP (1128 posts) -

Congrats fragor!

Let's discuss the next season's format for the next few days before starting again. Do you guys want to do a legendaries league (with other Pokedudes allowed, but you must use at least 3 legendaries). Do you want a European sports style league system where everyone plays each other twice (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw)? With an American playoff at the end? Let everyone know!

#63 Posted by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -

I think we should do a legendaries season next since people have requested it. I don't think we need to force legendaries though, just allowing them for the season will be enough encouragement, and if you don't want to use them you can still come in with your old team and see how you do. Honestly if we're going to be screwing with the metagame next season already it might be kind of fun to relax even more of the rules as well, just go all out with it. No item clause, no species clause, and so on. It could be called the Wynaut Cup.

#65 Posted by SpaceBoat (175 posts) -

Since I plan on participating again next season, I guess I wouldn't mind trying legendaries. I don't think we should be restricted to them though. Just see if we can play with them. Though... Maybe we might want to agree if we want to play with all of them, because I'm not sure any variation of my team will be able to stand up to like a Mewtwo onslaught or something.

#67 Edited by fragor87 (85 posts) -

1. I'd prefer to keep the format of the league the way it is now as a double elimination tournament. I feel that there are not enough of us to convert over to a European style regular season with American style playoff.

2. I'd like to use legendaries too but would prefer to keep it reasonable. As some of you know I am a strong supporter of Smogon tiers and if we used legendaries I would prefer they fell into the OU tier and below. If we allow any legendary in the game then I think it would be unwise to run anything other than "Uber" Pokemon as there are some pretty broken things at the top end of Pokemon.

3. Thanks everyone for the congratulations. I'm really enjoying playing with the GB core of Pokemon players.

4. Yes I agree Blissey sucks but as others have pointed out the thing cannot take a physical hit whatsoever and definitely does not appreciate a Psyshock to the face. The problem is pairing Blissey with Skarmory and Gliscor as that forms a nearly impenetrable defensive core.

#68 Posted by OhpMckenzie (22 posts) -

Agreed with @fragor87. As much resistance as there's been to Smogon in these tourneys and threads, if we do allow legendaries it might be best if we go along with their OU tier and lower. For example, both Kyogre and Celebi are both technically legendaries but one is immensely more powerful than the other. I think this will allow a bit more creativity among teams with some strong stuff and "regular" pokemon, as opposed to a team of say Xerneas, Yveltal, Mewtwo etc.

#69 Posted by SpaceBoat (175 posts) -

Mewtwo can be defeated, yeah, but for something like my last team, the only thing I have that wouldn't be 2HKOed by Mewtwo is Scizor, which doesn't leave me many switch-in opportunities. It would be possible to KO if I had some combination of Scizor and Absol or if I got Absol in on a Psystrike, but I still feel like I would have to prepare or do extra checks to make sure my team can survive against things that simply have higher stats than mine, which seems counter to the original idea of adding in legendaries that would feel balanced. Ideally, I think no member of the tournament should have to feel like they NEED to change their team because of the legendaries. Especially when it wouldn't necessarily just be Mewtwo I'm dealing with.

#71 Posted by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -

Yeah I'm with Jinx, I was under the impression that having a season with more relaxed restrictions was so we could show off a bunch of our legendary pokemon, and have a little fun with it even if it is a less balanced season. If we're just using the ones considered OU then I don't really understand the point. Also I didn't think X/Y tiers had been established yet. We are talking about just one themed season right? Because if people think this is going to be the new format of the tournament then I can understand why they would fight for more balanced rules.

If we do feel some restrictions are necessary, I think the best way to do that would be to restrict the number of Legendary pokemon someone can use instead of the species. For example, if we only allow 2 legendaries per team (not counting subs), then that will keep anybody from being forced to train a whole team for this season, and it should allow for a lot more variety in our team choices, because instead of just picking the six strongest pokemon and going, we would be picking the two legendaries that compliment the other 4 members of our team best.

Just my two cents, I'd like to see what more people think though. I think participation matters more than format.

#72 Posted by GoranP (1128 posts) -

No tiers with legendaries allowed with the same rules as before seems like the way to go, do we have a general enough agreement on that? Not super balanced but if we're including legendaries anyway, we might as well have a bit of random fun.

Also, for the season after this legendary one, how about a rotation battle season? I was playing with my friend last night and it was way more fun for us than singles (just my opinion of course).

Also x2, I may be able to give away a Kygore to the winner for this season. Need to double check on that, but should be good.

#74 Edited by SpaceBoat (175 posts) -

Oh, if we want to run a season of full on legendary action, I'd be ok with that, I just wouldn't have much to participate. If enough people do have the means for that though, I say go for it, it sounds fun.

#75 Posted by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -

I agree with these rules. Did we want to consider limiting the number of legendaries?

#77 Edited by OhpMckenzie (22 posts) -

For a "legendary themed" season, I think 3 is a good amount total, in both the main team and subs. So you could have 3 in your main team if you want, but none for subs. Something like that.

#78 Posted by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -
#79 Posted by SpaceBoat (175 posts) -

Nah, I should be able to come up with something. Thanks for offering though.

#80 Posted by GoranP (1128 posts) -

Anything else y'all want to add? Otherwise we're gonna get this season going soon!

#81 Posted by DarthOrange (3909 posts) -

3 legendaries sound good. If anyone uses Blissey they are a poo-poo head and a jerk (and will probably win).

Is it any 3 legendaries?

#83 Posted by GoranP (1128 posts) -

OK so just to confirm before we start- we are doing 3 legendaries per team (including subs), correct? Nothing else has changed, right?

#84 Posted by Generic_username (636 posts) -

Hey, if I'm not super hardcore and I wanted to join in, would I just get wrecked?

#85 Posted by Hunter5024 (5981 posts) -
#86 Posted by GoranP (1128 posts) -

@generic_username: Feel free to jump in! The double elimination format is there so casual players will have fun as well :).

Ok, I'll start the sign up tomorrow (it will be a very short sign up period this time around).

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