Are berries useful?

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I just got my 4th badge and Fly so I've been going around to previous areas in the game, which means I found the berry farm area again and what I planted. My question is, is there a use to berries besides being held items and making mulch (for making more berries presumably)? The only other game I played with berries was Emerald, and it had those contests and pokeblocks, which I ignored except to get Milotic. Is there anything like that this time?

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Nope, and in general most berries aren't worth using anyways. You're probably ok ignoring them.

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Nope as soon as you start earning enough money to buy full restores, full heals, etc they are pretty worthless.

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I could never figure out a need for them, and I collected a shitload playing Dream World in White.

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raise, or lowering EV curing status effects, or mixing into blends at the juice shop(can get a lv up drink or more stat boosting ones) in the big city.

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I haven't played far enough to unlock the rest of the city, so I guess I'll keep that in mind. thanks everyone.

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I like the status removing ones since I'm still early enough to not have mad money or the ability to buy Full Restores and whatnot. I got like, 50 poison cure ones after harvesting 5 trees. I'm just using mulch, planting berries and seeing what happens.

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