Be my friend aka I need Your Safari Zone

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#51 Posted by Kodelive (1 posts) -

Friend Code is 3050-8697-8637

Got pokemon for trade, spritzee kadabra and scyther.

Adding you guys now

@plague102 @jollus @soulcake @frostily @carpenoctem @gunslingerpanda @spursfan20@vincentblackrose @stealthraptor @marvincidamon@moonshadow101@luigi01 @nt203509 @brontosaurus @nights @flappy@mildlypsycho @flamepuppy @impurestclub @raios @gooba @ruphi0 @elcount @goku13k @pokemike @serdan66 @counterclockwork87 @phampire @rischik

#52 Posted by davinihouston (18 posts) -

Me add e me deixe reacado no e-amil (Daniel) Jennifer FC 276684335711

#53 Edited by Synatrex (1 posts) -

add me too if you want friend code is 2337 4001 0434 character name from game is Seaiayu

#54 Edited by chadlawlz (9 posts) -

Chadrosaur Electric have beat the 4, 2621-2787-3117

Please tag or pm me to make sure I add you back :)

#55 Posted by justwants2play (2 posts) -

add me i beat the elite 4 friend code: 4871 4100 0791

please pm me.

#56 Edited by Flameron487 (2 posts) -

Friend code is 3926-4902-4460

pm me so i can add u

#57 Posted by LarsHJ (46 posts) -

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