Could do with a trading favor!

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Hey there fellow trainers,

So a while back I made a new EV trained team (I'm not particularly good at doing this yet). However, I have a little problem, three of my team members need to be traded to evolve. I have a friend who I usually trade with, we've tried getting in contact to trade and battle for ages but we keep missing each other.

I was wondering if there are any of you that could do me the favor of trading my pokemon and then returning them? Are you a trustworthy person that will be nice and give me my pokemon back? :P

Also in exchange once the evolutions are done I am willing to give you some other pokemon or the un-evolved forms of the ones you helped me evolve (I think I still have a machop with the egg move Bullet Punch). I have quite a few as I've been playing the previous generations a lot and have transferred them all.

One last thing, if you are all curious about what I'm evolving they are Slowpoke (into Slowking), Machoke (Machamp), and Phantump (Trevenant). Anyways, if you're interested in helping me out (and not destroying hours of work I've put into this team) please PM me and we can exchange friend codes and discuss the details of our deal.

Real deal!

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All sorted now, thanks Metze! :D

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