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Two things will keep me from buying this game. (completely revamped this post)

If people can use game shark to level up and edit their Pokemon to max their attacks artificially that ruins online competition.

If this is not one step away from an MMO they have done something wrong. Pokemon needs to be online centered game. A mmo is too far, but the item trading, leveling, community need to be online in a big way.

Here's a suggestion. Make a pokemon university in the game. Your a student. So if there is something you need to know you go on field trips. Otherwise you can go exploring off campus. The main story can be 10 hours long to learn the HMs. While you can level up easily and practice battles at the university. While it also can be a hub for all your online battle needs until you reach high level battle which will be part of the post-elite battle system.

Edit: it's really obvious that I wrote this on a tablet, on bus, with autocorrect...

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They have gameshark for 3DS?

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Prepare to be disappointed.

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You're expecting a something on the 3DS to be "one step away from an MMO?" Hm.

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@JeffGoldblum said:

Prepare to be disappointed.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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You say, "as an adult," but you write like a little kid.

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I agree that the world should feel more open, there's no reason they couldn't let us explore freely and have the game adjust to your levels, instead of having to follow set routes, but I'd hate to see the series devolve into MMO style gameplay. Throw in more multiplayer and online features by all means, but I'd like the focus to stay on single player. Making it primarily an online game would kill any interest I'd ever have in playing it.. just like they've done for Dragon Quest.

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@Imsorrymsjackson said:

What the fuck are you talking about?


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As an adult you say? Hmm.

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As far as I know they've had a system to prevent obvousy hacked pokemon from being allowed online in place for a while.
The second point will never happen. It's primarily targetted at kids, a university setting would not work.
This isn't the game you're looking for.

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There is a Pokemon MMO that already exists, go play that.

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@Imsorrymsjackson said:

What the fuck are you talking about?

You and me are on the same wavelength.

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...i am not sure how to comment on this. So i will just say, this is not the game for you. But for everyone else who knows what pokemon is, this game will be awesome.

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"I really expect this to be one of the worst Pokemon games made."

He said, based on a single five minute video. And his own obvious impartiality.

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There isn't a save editor for 3DS as far as I know. I don't even know how you'd dump the save files to begin with unless people figure out the fake GTSes again. And honestly, the fake GTSes like  were amazingly useful for transferring your Pokémon in bulk from generation 4 to 5, or checking their IV/EVs reliably for the purpose of breeding without having to use some retarded calculator where you must level the Pokémon to level 20 or so and input it's stats for every level. 
And what does "one step from an MMO" mean? That other players can walk around in your world? What is the point? People want Pokémon MMOs all the time but honestly with the GTS and battling over the internet the game basically already is one, because what else than trading and battling the other players could you even do? Hell, I think you can even co-op the battle subway or whatever in generation 5. 
Also these exact problems could be brought up with generation 4 and 5, why aren't they the worst Pokémon games ever created? I think you're really jumping the shark by flinging out shit like that based on that tiny trailer we've seen.

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@Kenobi as an adult of 13 years?

I'm pretty sure these games aren't being made for these adults you speak of.
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You don't need a gameshark. You can use poke edit to create any pokemon from nothing. You can make a Pikachu with Hyperbeam and max stats. If you can trade from the DS games to the 3DS then nothing can possibly be secure. I'm sure in a tournament environment they would check to see if your pokemon were hacked but otherwise you can guarantee any trade on the global network is not legit.

Basically, they're already screwed. Don't worry about it.

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I really like Pokemon. I wish it was a bit more transparent about stuff like EVs and IVs. Also I wish the main campaign was actually teaching you about all the concepts that you would actually need in a real multiplayer match.

Other than that, I love pokemon. I think the whole 'student' thing you suggested doesn't sound fun, and I don't really want a Pokemon mmo personally.

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@Counterclockwork87 said:

You say, "as an adult," but you write like a little kid.

I am looking forward to it. Pokemon is still one of my favourite franchises. I really should finish Pokemon Black.
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Yeah, Pokemon's stale for you or me, but we've probably got our fill for at least three iterations of these darn games. My seven-year old brother is totally into Pokemon these days. It's fresh for him. Just face it, it's not gonna be for you anymore. I've always wondered why they don't ever change the plot or formula around a bit, but that's not what they're thinking about. It's doing baller as it is without us. We should just move on to better role-playing games.

I wouldn't think it'd be all that complicated to fix that stupid hacking crap, but then again, I'm not a part of Game Freak. Still, that wouldn't be enough to make Pokemon not competent for most others.

P.S. Saying they're "bad developers" is kind of nails on chalkboard for me, even though I probably can somewhat agree with what you mean and it's not a comment that's really worth getting worked up about. Just---just don't forget about Drill Dozer, okay? That game was kinda dope : \

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@Kenobi said:

I really expect this to be one of the worst Pokemon games made.

Then that is what you will get :|.

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I don't think a Pokemon mmo would be a good idea. Almost all the games features should be designed around battling online. That's what I meant by one step away from an mmo.

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It sounds like it's going to be a good game, especially with the StreetPass feature.

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@kenobi said:

I don't think a Pokemon mmo would be a good idea. Almost all the games features should be designed around battling online. That's what I meant by one step away from an mmo.

So it should be a MOBA style game, with a brief tutorial leading up to nothing but online battles?

That would suck, hard. The games have had a lot of online features for a long time, but removing the RPG aspect (or reducing it to a glorified tutorial) would be ridiculously stupid.

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So it should be a MOBA style game, with a brief tutorial leading up to nothing but online battles?

I know you're joking...but that might actually get me interested in Pokemon. It would immediately provide them with a pretty large and varied set of heroes, and imagine how awesome it would be leveling up and evolving mid-battle.

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I don't think a Pokemon MMO would work so well on a portable system that relies on wifi to access the internet.

I agree that the hacking is rampant and annoying, but I'd be pretty pissed if they locked me out from bringing legitimate Squirtles, Piplups, Tepigs and Cyndaquils over.

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