Ditto/Abra Thread (Friend Safari!)

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Yup just like everyone else, I need to get ahold of some ditto, and maybe an abra or two! This thread is basically for any normal type safari zoners to get in here and add as many people as they want from the thread. Only post in here if you either have a ditto safari or are looking to befriend one.

Same rules apply elsewhere; leave your in-game name, friend code, safari type (if you know it) and if you'll be available to be on a lot (so you can unlock that 3rd pokemon in the safari).


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Type: Fairy (Mawile, Dedenne, Floette)

On a bunch, just let me know in a PM if you need that third poke and I'll try to arrange a time for both of us to be on. :)

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I'm looking for ditto. My safari is ghost. (Lampent, Gourgeist, Spiritomb)

Blake 4511-0519-5905

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I'm also looking for a ditto,

kyle 3110-4724-1576

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Oh you fucker, I thought you were advertising that you had dittos in your safari. Drat.

I gotta get my imposter ditto for the next luchadeer league.

Name: Cole

FC: 0275-7770-9539

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Am I missing something? If you want a ditto couldn't you just go to where they spawn in the wild? That's what I did and I have 2 now. Same with Abra - although that was a bit more challenging to catch.

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@lumley: I think they want to be able to get a preferred nature plus have it with its hidden ability, which is able to be passed down through breeding. I'm not sure though.

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@lumley: I'm looking for a specific Ditto. You can't get Dittos with the Imposter ability in the wild, nor can they be bred. You can only catch them in friend safari or trade for them on the GTS, where they're going for a legendary apiece.

The reason for its high price and demand is because Ditto can't breed with itself; you need a friend safari or a guy who knows a guy.

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Great; my ditto dealer is out of town on the lam, and I'm in a real bad way here.

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The most important reason you need it in the friend safari is because of the 2 or more perfect IV's they give.

Also, I don't need either anymore but I'll keep the thread open for everyone else though I suggest you guys just go to reddit, you can get it done in 5 minutes.

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If anyone has access to some sold iv ditto's I am now in the market myself, trying to kick my training into gear what with some time off finally.

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