Elements of Cookie Clicker in this game.

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I got the game in the mail early today and noticed the super trainer thing in the very early game.

While you are exploring on the top screen you can have the super trainer on the bottom. You gets to choose between different punching bags for your Pokemon and will punch it once every 10 seconds, but it will also punch the screen if you tap the bottom screen. Punching will improve the stats for the pokemon depending on the punching bag.

The first thing I thought of was the cookie clicker web game. And that mindless tapping for training your Pokemon during downtime is a smart idea.

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I hear it can be used to max your EVs in around 20 minutes, a welcome change if you ask me.

#3 Posted by Marmalade (201 posts) -

No more monotonous battling of a specific wild pokemon over and over? I can definitely live with monotonous tapping for a couple minutes.

Are these punching bag mini games affected by pokerus and the power items?

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Elements of.. oh god what's that super old game called where this was a thing as well?
Still, Cookie Clicker was a weird one to jump to there anyways but hey, it works out great for the game.
Now I can do what I need to do by tapping a pokémon once in a blue moon.

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@marmalade: It will raise stats, not collect XP so.. I'm scratching the surface here.

It also seems that if you train a bunch with the Strength bag for example, and you want to train another bag those effects will be gone. Also the bags description mention something called "Code Training" that will take more or less time depending on the bag. Maybe i shouldn't switch until that core thing is done.

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We rise

If it simplifies the EV training bits I'm all for it.

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I'm pretty much a Pokemon newbie and never got into EV training before, but I'm messing around with it this mode a bit. All I can say so far is it's not very left hander friendly.

Edit: I tried it again with the stylus in my right hand and learned the controls well enough to get medals on all the level 3 stages, but not consistently. I never quite understood EV training and it sounded monotonous, but this might open it up to me somewhat.

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Oh I thought you were talking about the farm. Plant berries to get more berries which you can use to grow berries! (Have not figured out what these are actually for yet).

I love that they made Ev training so much quicker. I never did it because it took so long in White, Gen 4 wasn't so bad because I'd already collected a bunch of items to make it easier on myself, but you couldn't transfer items. This time I maxed out my Braixen's Special Attack, and Speed EV's between rounds of Tekken Tag with my friends. Took like 30 or 40 minutes.

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Humm, I thought the most important element of cookie clicker was the way you get upgrades to increase output by orders of magnitude? "Click button to increment variable" is a mechanic thats been around for awhile. Also, it's weird to say Pokemon has elements of cookie clicker in it when I this game probably had this in it's development long before cookie clicker existed.

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