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#351 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

@aajf: You're going to have to watch out for my six Smeargle team. Which movesets am I running? You'll never know!

#352 Posted by TheBlue (507 posts) -

I'm all for banning evasion simply because I ain't got time for hour long matches. However, I wouldn't mind seeing two evasion based teams duke it out. I would have to set aside about 5 hours to watch it though.

#353 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

I was using a Camerupt online and was able to use Fissure all 5 times and it missed each time :(

Anyway I am working on a new team and if any of you had a Timid Ditto you could give me I would love you forever.

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For breeding or for revenge kills? I'm pretty sure the nature doesn't matter for a transformed Ditto, it copies everything except for HP and IVs, so the speed stat will be the same no matter what unless the IV is higher or Ditto is holding a Choice Scarf. If you want to get your hands on an Imposter Ditto, then you wouldn't need Ditto's speed outside of very specific, ridiculous scenarios.

If it's for breeding, I might have one somewhere, but I remember breeding the Timid nature down through things a lot, so that might be one I don't have...

#355 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

Thanks anyway. I got one today. It is for breeding. I am working on an all new team for the next season. So far I have two Pokemon done. There are no rules for Pokemon on the teams anymore right (besides no legendaries)? I don't have any current gen pokemon on this team I am building besides a mega evolution and I am hoping I won't have to change anything.

Also I was able to nail a Mega Lucario at full health with Fissure online so that was pretty cool. If anyone else want to make a one hit KO team you should totally try it.

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Does anyone know when the Bank is going to release in NA or have they just not set a new date yet?

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@goranp: The date is still currently listed as TBD. Their eshop troubles are mostly behind them though, so I can't imagine they'll be waiting too much longer.

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Ok thanks for keeping me up to date. What do you guys wanna do, start a new tourney tomorrow or just wait it out? Keep in mind that with registration and setup we would probably use up a workweek or even a full week.

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@goranp: If everyone wants to start Season 4 we could always just begin registration and if there's any news of the bank being opened during that time we could postpone. Somehow I feel that even if they announce that they're opening it, it will be at least a week or two, perhaps longer, until they actually do.

#361 Posted by SpaceBoat (176 posts) -

I'd be ok with whatever anyone else wants. I haven't made the modifications to my team that I wanted yet, but that's all on me and I can probably get it done really fast if I just do it.

#362 Posted by SleepoverKing (16 posts) -

I'm okay with participating soon with the same team again, but a little more time would be nice to try and get my newly planned team in order. Whatever works for everyone else really.

#363 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

I only have half my team set up and trying to get a good Togepi has been the hugest pain in the ass :(

If anyone here has a timid female Togepi that knows Nasty Plot and has Super Luck it would really help me out. All I have is a male Togetic with Super Luck and 4 IVs. The timid ditto I got in a trade has three IVs at zero :(

#364 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

I would prefer a little bit more time to get a competitive team set up. While we don't have to wait it out until the pokebank gets released, I am getting the impression that a little bit of time to get new teams set up would be nice.

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OK, seems like there is an almost even split of wanting a bit more time vs starting right away, so let's check in again within a few days. Happy new year everybody!

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Well I'm away from the 5th to the 12th, but then these things seem to take about a week to set up anyway so I wouldn't object to registration for a new tournament opening soon with a view to it actually starting around the 12th.

If people are overwhelmingly in favour of starting earlier than that, though, then obviously we should.

@darthorange, would that be long enough to get your new team ready?

#367 Posted by DarthOrange (4089 posts) -

@aajf: Yea I only need two more, I should have it done by monday at the latest.

Should we start a new thread to be more welcoming to new people? I am sure there must be a few people who got the game for Christmas that would be interested in joining. I think they should get a bit of a heads up.

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If we do end up doing another season before the bank launches will we be allowed to use non Kalos pokemon obtained through GTS? Maybe a bit premature to ask, but the answer affects how I'm going to train my team over the next few days.

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#370 Posted by Carlos1408 (1571 posts) -

Looka like I'm late to the party. I'd love to join in on the next one though. I haven't even started getting my competitive team ready anyways. It's just really annoying cause all my dittos with the different natures for breeding are in my copy of the previous generation. Guess I'll just have to commit some more time to it all.

#371 Posted by GoranP (1251 posts) -

@carlos1408: You're not late for anything, we haven't started the new season yet!

Yea I only need two more, I should have it done by monday at the latest.

Should we start a new thread to be more welcoming to new people? I am sure there must be a few people who got the game for Christmas that would be interested in joining. I think they should get a bit of a heads up.

Yes, we'll do a new thread when we start the next season.

If we do end up doing another season before the bank launches will we be allowed to use non Kalos pokemon obtained through GTS? Maybe a bit premature to ask, but the answer affects how I'm going to train my team over the next few days.

I don't participate but if I did my vote would be yes because everyone has the same type access to the non Kalos Pokedudes.

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I am finished with my new team, ready to start when you all are. Is it ok if no one on my team is from Gen 6?

Also I am ok with allowing non Kalos Pokemon.

#373 Posted by Hunter5024 (6234 posts) -

@darthorange said:

Is it ok if no one on my team is from Gen 6?

Personally I would love to drop this restriction as well, since we're so far out from the release at this point.

#374 Posted by TheBlue (507 posts) -

I'm okay with dropping that as well. I only used Talonflame because of that rule. Also, I'm cool with using bank 'mon. There really aren't that many anyway besides starters and legendaries.

#376 Posted by GoranP (1251 posts) -
@jinx1 said:

@goranp In an attempt to attract more and new battlers in season 4, I am going to offer the first place winner and the loser bracket winner a reward. The very rare lansat berry, which increases critical hit ratio by 2 stages. It is only obtained by getting a 100 win streak in the battle maison.

That's awesome, you rock! I'll make sure to let people know when the thread for season 4 starts.

And yes, we will be dropping the gen 6 rules now. I'm thinking of opening up registration in a day or two, is everyone [mostly] cool with that?

#377 Posted by OhpMckenzie (23 posts) -

Definitely. Would have liked to bring some of my other pokemens over but it doesn't look like the bank will be out any time soon. I've got my team ready to go!

#378 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (329 posts) -

I should be ready in a day or two. I'm just trying to get one more Pokemon for my team.

#379 Posted by Hunter5024 (6234 posts) -

I'm cool with that.

#380 Posted by aajf (236 posts) -

Works for me.

#381 Posted by GoranP (1251 posts) -

Ok, sounds great. New thread on Thursday!

#382 Posted by Hennet_sim (349 posts) -

So everything is ok accept for bank legends right?

#383 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (329 posts) -

So everything is ok accept for bank legends right?

This is a good question. I'd like to know too. Though I can understand not allowing them we must remember not all of them are very powerful. While I'm no Smogon fan (In fact I can't stand the site), it says a lot that Kyurem (and Kyurem-B) was not declared Uber. The Legendary Dogs aren't Uber either and neither is the Lake Trio. Whether Palkia or Dialga should be allowed, I don't have a problem with allowing them. With the introduction of the Fairy type and buffing Steel, neither one of them are particularly useful anymore. Dialga lost two resistances and Dialga gained a weakness.

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I don't think we need to start using Smogon tiers now. We should either allow legendaries or not use any of them. (the various trios and the Latis, etc. included)

But just to be clear, we're allowing any bank pokemon, any egg moves from previous gens, and any hidden abilities. In other words, anything goes except evasion moves and sleep moves as everyone decided to ban those. Is that cool with everyone? I am in favor of not using any legendaries.

#385 Posted by Hennet_sim (349 posts) -

Kyurem-B should be Uber it has the move pool to support it if you look at what it can learn.

#386 Posted by fragor87 (94 posts) -

I'm interested in joining this whenever the season starts back up again.

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I'm assuming you meant to say Palkia gained a weakness because Fairy is neutral vs Dialga.

Edit: Man, I lost like the entire rest of my post when I posted it.

I think we should have a long discussion before deciding if we're going to be allowed to use any legendaries. Seeing as some people here are opposed to Smogon, we probably shouldn't consider their tiers too much when thinking about our own community tournament.

Allowing some legendaries could be kind of tough. It doesn't matter that much, but if we go by BST, the only Pokemon we can use that are on par with any legendaries are the pseudo-legendaries. Putting the lower-end legendaries in would shift the stats a bit higher.

Of course, stats aren't everything in this game, so I wouldn't be against at least discussing which legendaries we would be ok with playing with. Maybe in the season after this one though.

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I mostly don't want bank Legends to be in because not everyone will have the same access.Smogon has some terrible tier list. Even some Pokemon that are in this gen are nonviable unless they have certain moves from the previous gen or just become a much bigger threat. Hell if people just don't want to let go of there advantages they was able to get or they will like a Pokemon that you can only get from the bank why don't we just do the tournament in Pokemon showdown so everyone will have the same access to everything.

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I think the blanket legendary ban is the best solution currently. Once the bank launches it's worth discussing, but availability makes it unfair to allow people to use them during this tournament because it will give them a pretty distinct advantage if they're fighting people who couldn't get ahold of any. Breedable bank pokemon are a different story though.

Personally I think the number of viable but not too viable legendaries is so small that its worth banning them rather than dealing with the hassle of figuring it out on our own or accidentally letting through a pokemon whose too powerful. I'm certainly not opposed to doing an "anything goes" tournament at some point though for those of us who want to show off our awesome legendary pokemon.

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Sorry guys, I have't been able to start the new season today like I thought I would. Definitely this weekend though, sorry again, I've just been overly busy. No legendaries allowed at all, though feel free to discuss the topic for future seasons with maybe more specific rules!

Edit: just a heads up - the new thread will start on the 12th, there will be 3 days of registration and then an extra prep day before it all starts!

Edit 2: New thread is live.

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