How far along is your Pokedex?

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One thing I really love about pokemon is completing the national pokedex as it's a great way to get my hoarding / collecting on without actually having to spend money or take up physical space. So with some Asian countries getting access to the Pokemon Bank, it has now allowed for older generation pokemon to become accessible for people on the gts. Pokemon has become fun again as it has allowed me the ability to wheel and deal my pokemon through the GTS system and so far I've managed to get some pokemon unavailable previously without the bank.

So far my pokedex is about half way complete, currently I sit at 428 pokemon obtained with about 718 currently listed.

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When they let me transfer my Pokemon I will have all of them except for Genesect and whatever super unique Gamestop promotion legendary Pokemon the latest games are hiding.

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I haven't been able to get half of what I want from GTS. Everybody is asking for legendaries or Pokemon that aren't possible to trade over GTS like event Celebi or Arceus. I would really like a Dusknoir but the ones people are offering on GTS want legendaries in return. I have been able to get all the starters though thankfully. So far I've seen 398 but only obtained 273.

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