How is the amount of clothing choices?

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Half the reason I want this game is that you can get new clothes for your trainer. So is there a lot a of clothes, the female trainer side of things to be exact. How about the hair too?

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You can change your top, pants, shoes, socks, hat and accessory (usually something like a pin on your hat, or those sunglasses the male trainer wears on his cap like a baseball player). They rotate different things in daily, but I haven't taken note of what's different besides varying colors. I'm not very far into the game yet, but there's different shops that specialize on specific things, like the first shop you'll come across specializes in hats. One NPC told me that different towns also focus on different clothing styles, like a basic look or a sporty look.

You can change your eye color with contacts. You can get haircuts and dye your hair. I haven't dyed but my options for hair choices were something Long, Short and Very Short. Unless I missed something, you have to pay up front without being able to preview it.

I'm playing as a male trainer, but I can't imagine things would be much different for the other gender.

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it can get pretty expensive for classy stuff, to buy all the stuff in my pic was like 500 000 pokedollers

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I was actually pretty surprised by how much they allow you to change. I haven't made it to the classy stuff yet though so I'm sure there will be a lot more to open up.

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There's not an amazing amount, it's definitely not Animal Crossing, but there's enough to make yourself unique and give a bit of personality to the trainer. The female trainer gets much better options too, especially when you unlock the pigtails/ponytail hair options.

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So if I can change my eye and hair color, does it matter at all what I pick my starting look to be? The only difference I can see is hair color.

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@koolaid: This determines your skin color, which I believe is impossible to change.

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There's nothing I have found worth getting and it's all super over priced so far. Really disappointed as I was really looking forward to finally being able to make my trainer not look dumb for a change. I also wish there was a way to pick a body type for your guy.

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I have found a few clothing items that I have liked, overall they are alright.

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I spent around 900,000 Pokedollars to get all the expensive stylish clothing because if I'm going to be living in Poke-France, I am going to do so in style. Plus it gets me discounts and people freaking out over how good I look. Like the hairdresser. She is stunned that I look so good.

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