I need a way around trading evolutions

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I have no friends that play pokemon. I do not trust people at comic book stores or arcades. I don't trust people online. Has GameFreak come up with any way to get around this very American problem?

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Online friends, such as those here at GiantBomb dot com.

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I've joined the friend code list, but we have yet to go on our first date.

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If you're looking for an Alakazam or a Gengar, there are plenty of Haunter x Haunter and Kadabra x Kadabra trades on the GTS. If you're looking for something that requires an item, like a Scizor, you'll have to try a bit harder.

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@kenobi said:

@moonshadow101: who wants someone else's kadabra... ew

Especially if you have one with Modest nature (as well as Super Trained, move set, etc.). I know you said you don't trust other people on the internet, but I'd be willing to trade with you if you're up for it. I have Modest Abras out the ass from breeding. Either way, I agree that they should have a system in place for situations such as yours. Luckily, I happen to know a person that has Pokemon X/Y.

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