Internet connection help (PSS)

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For whatever reason, I can not get online in Pokemon X. My 3ds is able to connect to the wifi at my campus but it won't to the in game PSS. Help please

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Does it bring up an error message when it fails?

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@itwongo: yes it does. The 3ds received the torchic online and I'm able to go the e shop and use the internet browser. FYU

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Bumping this! More details: I was able to get torchic, use the web browser and go to the eshop.

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That really weird. Do you know anyone else with a 3ds that uses that network? I'm guessing it's a port forwarding/firewall issue similar to what looked like was happening in the quick look

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This is happening to me as well. I can get Mystery Gifts and browse the eshop and Internet, but when I try to connect to WiFi on the PSS I get error- unable to connect to server. It is error code 001-0502. I live in an apartment and use an airport express in bridge mode to connect to the internet through my apartment's ethernet connection. i have spent hours trying to fix this on my express, trying to put the DS in the DMZ, trying to use a guest network, changing DNS's, static IP's... either I'm doing it wrong or I haven't figured out what's wrong... but I am baffled and frustrated and I just want to use the PSS and spread my O's, man.

I can succesfully ocnnect using my iphone's personal hotspot and at my parent's house, so it's something with the apartment's setup... PLEASE HELP AAAH

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I remember having issues getting my Wii online year back and it was a strange DNS issue. Nintendo recommended setting the system to use Google's DNS, which is or A similar thing happened on my DS as well. Maybe worth a try to tell the 3DS to use that DNS and see if it works better.

Is there a chance that there are multiple Access Points with the same name in the area? Maybe the campus wifi is getting the 3DS confused.

(not sure what DNS you tried Sniipe, didn't notice that you had tried that until after I replied)

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If you are having a problem with the connection i think the server in your school is blocking on the ip address that the pokemon is using. try using other connection instead.

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Try one of the fine local Nintendo Zone locations, like McDonald's or an AT&T store! Those guys at the AT&T store love it when you just stand outside their store and play video games!

(I am shamed to admit that I will occasionally pull into a McDonald's parking lot just to get on the Nintendo Zone and see if the Streetpass relay is working)

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