LF Ditto Safari if someone is willing to share the love

#1 Posted by LarsHJ (46 posts) -

Please add

FC: 2208-5811-8745

klefki,forretress,and magneton

#2 Posted by RecSpec (4062 posts) -


#3 Posted by LarsHJ (46 posts) -

Thx for the help

#4 Edited by Isaac (119 posts) -

@recspec: FC: 2294-4844-6606 Would admire some Ditto love myself.

#5 Edited by Chemystery (226 posts) -

@recspec 043087250344 I could use some ditto too if you would be so kind

#6 Edited by marsarik (3 posts) -

Any chance i could get in on the Ditto train? my FC is: 0662-2673-9150 (Ground type)

#7 Posted by Zereta (1370 posts) -

Ditto love for me too please? Think I'm ground type :)

FC: 5258-0128-2947

Name: Sanjeev

Pokemon X

#8 Edited by dankempster (2268 posts) -

@recspec: Hey, I know I'm a bit of a latecomer to this thread, but I'd love to get in on some Ditto friend safari action, if the offer still stands. My safari is Electric type, I'm told, although I have no idea what kinds of Pokémon are in it.

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