Looking For A Water Friend Safari With Poliwhirl

#1 Posted by dankempster (2259 posts) -

I'm currently putting together a team for battling and would like it to include a Politoed with the Hidden Ability 'Drizzle'. I'm pretty sure that in order to get this, I'd need a Poliwhirl with its own Hidden Ability, and the only way to get one of those is from somebody's Friend Safari.

So is there anybody on this great website who can help me? If you have a Water Friend Safari with Poliwhirl, I'd be hugely grateful of a Friend Code exchange so I can catch one. My 3DS friend code is 0490-5718-6398. I don't actually know what my own Friend Safari is, so I can't promise you anything great in return, but you would have my gratitude.

Alternatively, if someone's got a Swift Swim male Poliwag or Poliwhirl they'd be willing to trade, I've got a bunch of Timid 3- and 4-IV Charmander and some Jolly 3- and 4-IV Tyrunt I'm not planning to use.

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