New to Competitive Play. Advice?

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Alright guys, so I did it - I took the plunge! I bought Pokemon X this weekend and am enjoying it so far. I have 2 badges, mostly because I don't have as much time to play as I'd like, and am starting to think about my long-term team. It's going great, but I am worried about what happens when I get to the endgame. I understand that Pokemon can get pretty hardcore if you decide to be competitive, and want to try it out myself. The problem is: I've never done that before.

So for any veterans out there, I would really appreciate any advice you could offer me. This includes anything concerning team composition, useful moves, strategic considerations, EV stuff, the works. Really appreciate all the advice!

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Have you played any of the games before? I recommend you get a really good handle on the base game before you dive into the competitive aspect. You can easily plow through the game not worrying about natures, ev's, iv's, movesets, etc. After you get to the endgame I recommend you think about a team you want after you've had some time experimenting and look into breeding mechanics if you're actually serious (any serious play your team is going to need to be specially bred and trained or you'll get steamrolled online by anyone other than casuals.)

Smogon is your best bet for a resource/compendium of playing competitively (though their dex hasn't been updated for X and Y yet and won't be for a while as they undergo the testing phase period.)

Honestly though, my advice is to just make a team you want and just get your feet wet in the things above. The hard thing with pokemon is the meta-game is constantly shifting and progressive; you need to be up on what's going on in the present and future because strategies and builds get nerfed relatively fast especially in the beginning of a generation -- I tend to keep my nose out of the hardest of hardcore aspect anymore simply because of the time investment involved in staying current.

You can message me if you want and I could elaborate more or walk you through some things in depth, good luck!

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One of the first things to do is make sure that you've got a good spread of Pokemon with lots of resistances. You'll normally want one "wall" that has tons of HP & Defense and is there to poison/incapacitate the other player's Pokemon and set up "hazards" where if they switch in a different Pokemon it'll get hurt (These are moves like Stealth Rock, Spikes, or Toxic Spikes). Then you have your other Pokemon and normally one or two "sweepers" which would be like your glass cannon - super fast Pokemon with absurdly high attack and good type coverage (which means they can deal super effective damage to lots of other types) to try to knock out as many of your opponent's Pokemon as you can before it dies.

Like PerfectLizardWizard (awesome name btw) mentioned, you'll want to specially breed your Pokemon for good natures (which cause one stat to go up and one stat to go down), abilities, and IVs & EVs (which are kind of a whole forum thread on their own - you can easily find guides on these online). I'm middle of the road competitive - I haven't gotten into IV & EV training this generation and I mainly built a team I like and am doing random battles online. I'm winning about 60% of the time, and it's pretty satisfying without getting too far down the rabbit hole.

I picked my team (link here) by using that team builder (doesn't really include Fairy type yet, though). As you can see, I have a pretty glaring weakness to fighting type right now, but that can be easily countered by using my Gardevoir, Golurk, or Mega Charizard, all of whom are decently speedy. Ferrothorn is acting as my wall, but instead of having hazard moves she has two heavy hitters, Iron Head and Power Whip, and also can use Thunder Wave to paralyze and Ingrain to stay alive. She also has the ability Iron Barbs, which makes any Pokemon that attacks it take damage, and the item Leftovers to give more healing per turn. Ferrothorn is one of the slowest Pokemon, so I bred it to have a nature that increases its special defense and lowers its speed since it'll never attack first. It's synergistic stuff like this that normally helps you win online, not just having the highest attack possible.

At two badges though, the important thing to do is just have fun and enjoy the game, catching Pokemon and using your favorites on your team, especially if you're new to the series. This sort of metagaming comes later, and I promise you you'll have plenty of time to do it. Raising a Pokemon to competitive levels doesn't even take that much time when you can use EXP share to fight lvl 65 Pokemon in victory road, and EV training can be done through the Super Training minigame so you don't have to worry about that. Honestly, most people have a completely different team for online battles than the main game.

Anyways, that's kind of how the online stuff works. Of course, you can also try to collect them all, and there's in game battle towers that you can play around with. Overall it's an extremely complex and deep game that has a rewarding end game, but you really don't have to prep for it now. You can't really fuck up your chances!

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