Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

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posting again add me

trainer miko

fc 0259 0488 5628

ill add anyone who adds me let me know if you do

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I need someone with an Excadrill safari, Also does anyone live in a foreign country? (ones that have the country code by the pokemon name) I need a source for foreign pokemon for shiny breeding, we can set up trades via skype and such so i can get the foreign pokemon we need

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Trainer: Steven

Version: X

fc: 4828 5116 1391

I'll add everyone that posted from the last week.

Also I'm not sure what pokemon I have in my safari. :p

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Does anyone have a ice safari with a snorunt

Trainer conor

Friend code 4897-6001-9588

Version x

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Trainer: Ryuku

Friend Code: 3454 - 0435 - 7972

Version Y

I'll start adding everyone now.

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Name: Raul

FC: 5215-0030-1208

Pokemon Y

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Still adding! My FC is 3780 9197 5393! If you add me, say it here or PM me so I can add you!

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Name: Night

FC: 5172-1040-9313

Version: Y

Safari: Normal

plz let me know if anyone add me

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I've added everyone from page 15 to now,so please add me back. :)

I'll continue adding new people as well,I'll check in and add you if I see your friend code.

So far I've only been to one of the friend safaris,but it had Charmeleon,Growlithe,and Ninetails,so I'm hoping I can get some more good ones,I'm not sure what I have in mine though.Also if anyone wants to talk trading then message me,I tried the GTS but it doesn't work very well,lots of horrible trades like a level one Squirtle for a Xerneas.And when you find a trade that looks good it says it has already been traded,or gives you an error message saying to turn off the system. ( I looked at the other forum,and didn't see anything I wanted)

I have two Shiny Magickarp's,and I'll trade all of the exclusive pokemon from version X that I have for the version Y pokemon.I'll do the helpful trades too,so we can evolve our pokemon into Gengars and Machamps and so on. :)

fc: 4828 5116 1391

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please add me 4553 9974 4113

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Trainer: Trepa

FC: 1349-5237-9985

Pokemon X.

Add me :)

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Trainer name: Clementine


Pokemon X

reply to me when you add me so I can add you.

It'll take me a while to enter in everyone.

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Trainer/FC name: Dylan

FC: 1118-0955-2182

Version: X

FS Type Fire: Slugma, Ponyta, and Braxien

Pm me if you add me so I can add you back

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I have Poison with Seviper, Venomoth and Guk. I already have a bunch of you, but if you need those Pokes feel free to add me. I don't really care what yours are because I don't really know what I still need.

4768-7535-1219 and my Trainer name is Brett. Don't PM me though because I'll probably have a new account in 20 minutes haha I'll check the thread instead.

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@jinx1: add voce add o meu FC 2766-8433-5711 Daniel Ghost tipo. Me mande um email caso queira algum detalhe. horushouston@hotmail.com

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Bezerk 2294-4289-2863 y

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Eu gostaria de saber se alguém aqui da comunidade possui uma chansey em seu grupo safari; caso possuam deixe eu add você, preciso urgente de uma chansey ou happiny!

My FC 2766-8433-5711

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Name: patrick

Pokemon X

Code: 3668-8690-9195

Not sure what I have for type or pkmn... I am a champion.

EDIT: I added the first column and half of the second (90 Total) add me! if you just submitted let me know if you add me as well, I still have 7 slots open.

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@runeseekermireille: Added you!

I've added everyone in the last 3-4 pages! My FC 3282-3192-0911!

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Pokemon X


Not sure of my Safari type.

I always add back ... but it may take me a day or so.

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Name: Dingo!


version: Y

I'll add back anyone who adds me, though it may take a couple days. Also, I have no idea what my safari type is. Happy hunting!

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Trainer: Te

Friend Code: 1907-8809-1250

Pokemon Y

Add me!

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Please add me

I will add anyone

Friend code 1993-8264-4541

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2535 5031 7021 add me i'll add all

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Can you add me? My FC is 0473-7795-9913

and my name is Dicks.

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0774-5071-4990 X Version

Trainer name is Charles. My safari is ghost- golurk, pumpkaboo and lampent.

Anyway, If anyone has a safari with speed boost carvanha/sharpedo... I want it.

Also, I don't know if these are even available in the safari, but if anyone has one with baltoy/claydol and yamask/cofagrigus... I'd like those too.

Let me know if you add me and I'll add you back.

Added Cougartai, Gillsans, Pandabear, and Blahitzmyles.

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Trainer: Taheim

Friend Code: 2921-9632-4555

Pokemon X

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FC: 0447-6477-4258. Grass type safari or so I hear.

Trainer name is Anthony. I'll be adding everyone on this page atleast.

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Trainer: Kevin

Friend Code: 2234-8583-5923

pokemon x


Hope mine don't suck :D

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@mideon: Added

My Friend Code: 2766-7907-0856

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I'm on your safari, but I'm only seeing Lillipup and Audino.

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