Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

#51 Posted by KILLER_CATT (66 posts) -

Trainer name: Leliana

Friend Code: 4012 - 4015 - 7112

Version: X

Safari Type: No idea

This is awesome! I've added everyone..

#52 Posted by soulcake (323 posts) -

@galiant: Thx its the reason why i started this exchange i don't know anyone with a 3ds good to see the response on this thread, at this rate i am gonna catch em all !!

#53 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (419 posts) -

Trainer name: Joe

Friend Code: 0146-9858-1665

Version: X

#54 Posted by iggywrench (2 posts) -

name : jack sprat

Fc 5155-3454-9504

trainer name cron

pokemon Y

tableor PM

#55 Posted by alanm26v5 (463 posts) -

I picked up about 20 friends from the other thread before it ended, I have no idea if that's enough so:

Name: Alan

Friend Code: 5370 - 1559 - 1227

Pokemon X

#56 Posted by shinboy630 (1194 posts) -

All you people that have your FC added to this list before adding everyone else first, you all should be ashamed of yourselves!

#57 Posted by Rabalais42 (28 posts) -

Trainer: Michael

FC: 0860-3307-8311

Pokemon Y

Add me duders! Let's catch (th)em all!

#58 Edited by KILLER_CATT (66 posts) -

@shinboy630: Well I haven't added some of the new people on the list because I'm not near my 3DS, at the moment.. :P

But I've added around 40 people at the moment..

#59 Edited by Luigi01 (10 posts) -

Trainer Name: Luigi

FC: 0817-3746-4594

Version: X and Y

Type: Grass

Edit: As of 10/21/13, I still have 27 spots left. I'm still adding people who post their FCs while deleting pending requests (oldest ones first).

#60 Edited by ichthy (586 posts) -

Trainer Name: Yu

FC: 2766-7922-8208

Version: Y

Type: Posion Steel (Metang, Mawile, and Klefki)

#61 Edited by philberto (14 posts) -

Trainer: Philberto

Friend Code: 1220-7197-5120

Pokemon X

Everyone added!

#62 Posted by XCEagle (120 posts) -

For those that still have room:

Trainer: Ravi

FC: 3325-1947-7263

Version: Y

#63 Posted by Beadoy (19 posts) -


FC: 2449 - 4622 - 2994

Pokemon X

#64 Posted by Gorehorn (93 posts) -


FC: 2492-4137-3688

Pokemon X

#65 Posted by Contrariwize (1 posts) -

Trainer: Matt

FC: 0877-1313-3507

Pokemon Y

I went ahead and added everyone on the list, please add back if youve got room.

#66 Posted by Zyzus (20 posts) -


Friend Code: 2466-1836-1723

Pokemon Y

I don't know which safari type I have yet, but I'm almost there.

#67 Edited by Chibi_Kaji (170 posts) -

Trainer Misato

FC 4253-3557-5527

Pokemon Y

#68 Posted by alanm26v5 (463 posts) -

Okay I've added every code in this thread. No idea what my zone type is yet but add me back if you haven't and need more.

#69 Edited by Moonshadow101 (575 posts) -

Trainer Name: Michael

Version: Y

Code: 2981-6610-9645

Just added everyone, including those not yet on the big chart.

#70 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

Where do I find my friend code?

#71 Edited by Lanechanger (560 posts) -

@jz: I don't know if there's a faster way but I just tap the friends menu at the top of the home page, and when you look at your own card, it'll say your friend code

Trainer Name: Jerry

Version: Y

Code: 1736-0961-4182

#72 Edited by Flappy (2356 posts) -

I never posted in this thread? FACK!

Trainer Name: Cornell

Version: Y

FC: 3969-4264-9892

Any adds will be appreciated.

EDIT: @jz: On the Home screen of your 3DS, hit the orange square with a face and that's where all your friend information will be. You'll need to create a Mii before you can do anything, though.

#73 Edited by GhostCrab (15 posts) -

Trainer Name: Ghost

FC: 2277-7934-0400

Version: X

Edit: Just finished adding everyone up to Variath

#74 Posted by Lanechanger (560 posts) -

Took me half an hour, but just added everyone in this thread

#75 Edited by Claws_of_Death (5 posts) -

Trainer name: Moe

Friend code: 2878-9633-8919

Version: Y

#76 Posted by ervonymous (1297 posts) -

Added everyone before me and will continue till I hit the limit.

Trainer Name: Aikawa

Version: X

FC: 3110-4452-2270

#77 Posted by CrimsonHigh (15 posts) -

Trainer Name: Variath

Friend Code: 5327-1119-9050

Version: Y

#78 Posted by makari (600 posts) -

Trainer name: TurboEther

FC: 1246-8757-6189

Version: X

#79 Posted by Indy (1 posts) -

Trainer: Indiana

FC: 2964-8700-8709

Pokemon X

I will add everyone before me and after till i hit the limit (it's about time I got some friends on my 3ds friend list).

#80 Edited by TechHits (1391 posts) -

I'll add some bombers,

my fc is: 3110-4724-1576

Trainer: kyle

pokemon x

I'm not sure how to look at what my safari type is

#81 Edited by Skittlenizzle (72 posts) -

I'll add people in a bit.

Trainer name: Brianna

Friend code:4570-7192-1526

Version: Y

I don't know what my safari type is yet.

Edit: I've added everyone up to Kittrix.

#82 Posted by Gooba (21 posts) -

Name: Gooba

FC: 2895 - 7617 - 6689

Pokemon X

Adding now

#83 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (68 posts) -

Trainer: Beetle

FC - 5215 0485 1254

Version: X

Adding folks asap. I'm not even at any safari point yet!

#84 Posted by syrupychinadian (12 posts) -

Trainer: David

FC: 4570-7194-0952

Pokemon Y

#85 Posted by DrFidget (215 posts) -

My friends list filled up, so now I'm deleting people in this thread that didn't add me back yet to clear space. Will continue adding new posters.

#86 Posted by alanm26v5 (463 posts) -

My list is full, but half of those are pending requests from this thread. PM me if you add my friend code and I'll make sure I get you.

#87 Posted by Nights (619 posts) -

I picked up about 20 friends from the other thread before it ended, I have no idea if that's enough so:

Name: Alan

Friend Code: 5370 - 1559 - 1227

Pokemon X

I must salute you, my good sir. I caught my first ever shiny (in any version) in your safari.

#88 Posted by slamzbeer (1 posts) -

Trainer: Austin

Friend code: 1048-8457-6094

Pokemon X/Y

adding everyone manly looking for steel type zone

#89 Posted by RioStarwind (578 posts) -

I added everyone that is on the list.

#90 Posted by LtheWaffley (2 posts) -

3668-7836-3389 is mine, added all i could

#91 Edited by bslayer (221 posts) -

Trainer: Anthony

Friend Code: 1220-6463-1595

Version: Pokemon Y

Thanks to everyone participating in this. And of course thanks soulcake for remaking this, as I didn't even know about the first one.

Also, I haven't reached the safari zone yet, but I don't think I'm too far out. Thanks again.

EDIT: Just reached the safari. Excited to see what I get, and what others get.

#92 Posted by Beadoy (19 posts) -

Added everyone in the thread up until this point.

#93 Edited by Frostily (42 posts) -

4227-2039-5776 frost

Pokemon X

I am going through and adding everyone now. soulcake you gave me fighting types

#94 Posted by Frostily (42 posts) -

@frostily: I just tried 4 times to add myself... I am caught up

#95 Posted by themaestro334 (1 posts) -

Trainer: Clint

Friend code: 2707-2973-6255

pokemon Y

ill add anyone who adds me :)

#96 Edited by DeadeyeMcCoy (259 posts) -

Trainer name: Yvonne

Friend Code: 3797-6633-5000

Y version. My type is Electric. Already added everyone in the thread.

#97 Edited by LtheWaffley (2 posts) -

Finally caught up adding everyone after eating :) got about 14 spaces left

3668-7836-3389 pokemon x

#98 Edited by Kittrix (1 posts) -

Trainer: Kittrix

FC: 1306 - 6294 - 4991

Version Y

Add me :)

Also add my sister's friend code: 2251-5220-0638 :)

Her trainer name : Kez

#99 Posted by PhilOsyfee (26 posts) -

Trainer - Paul

Nickname - Phil Osyfee

Friend Code -4742-6029-6909

Pokemon Y

#100 Edited by perfectlizardwizard (111 posts) -

Oh hell yes duders.

Trainer - lizardwizard

Friend Code - 1349 5757 1964

Pokemon X

Safari Type - Fairy

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