Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

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#1051 Posted by danie1f (2 posts) -

add me fc 3325-3082-9838

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#1052 Posted by mufinj15 (3 posts) -

add me fc:4296-3397-6351

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#1053 Posted by mufinj15 (3 posts) -
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#1054 Posted by tada (4 posts) -

1693 2366 0735 added every1 back to 2/1

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#1055 Posted by tada (4 posts) -
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#1056 Posted by jaketaylor (362 posts) -
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#1057 Edited by akeemjoseph_94 (3 posts) -
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#1058 Posted by tada (4 posts) -
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#1059 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -
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#1060 Posted by ZeppDK (2 posts) -

Hello i'm looking for some pokemon y friends! My Friend Code is: 3540-0931-2123
Reply me so i can add you too! :-)

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#1061 Edited by PokeCharlie (3 posts) -

Please add me. 0576-4451-2118

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#1062 Posted by BLanturn (2 posts) -


Friend Code - 5000-2951-6576

Please add me I need a lot of safari. Thanks in advance.

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#1063 Edited by Damobulski (3 posts) -

Hey can i get an add aswell please?

Those pokemon wont catch themselves!


@tada: @SuperWristBands: @ZeppDK: @PokeCharlie: @BLanturn:

added you guys

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#1064 Posted by SteJo (3 posts) -

Name: SteJo

FC: 1049-0124-0120

Version: X

I haven't touched the safari since I know no one who has a 3ds.

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#1065 Posted by indra_gunadi_92 (2 posts) -

name Indra

FC 4081 6937 7731

version Y

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#1066 Posted by 5301_0248_7895 (2 posts) -

name: pii

FC: 5301-0248-7895

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#1067 Posted by akeemjoseph_94 (3 posts) -
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#1068 Edited by Asylumsloth (3 posts) -

Trainer: Jamie

Friend Code: 1118-0700-2453

Pokemon X

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#1069 Edited by truecard123 (2 posts) -

Name: yaboiii

FC: 302466038062

Only added from my post up to Joey. Got tedious. Y version

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#1070 Posted by cubone89 (2 posts) -

Name: Meg

Friend code: 0447 5632 9908. Pkmn y

Name: Joe

Friend code: 4656 7993 9609. Pkmn x

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#1071 Edited by Elbon (398 posts) -

Elbon: 1006 - 0049 - 1302

Trainer Name: Bob - Pokemon y

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#1072 Posted by Vuud (2052 posts) -

I hope people still pay attention to this.

Code: 4613-7317-6081

Pokemon Y

Trainer name: SlabBulkhead

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#1074 Posted by MachoFantastico (6153 posts) -

Pokemon Y.

Friends Code: 4828 - 6039 - 6307.

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#1075 Posted by r3b3lr0b0t (528 posts) -
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#1076 Posted by Sara33 (2 posts) -

Name: Sara

Friend code: 0920-0175-3938

Pokemon X

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#1077 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

I added all of you guys from the past two weeks. Here's my info:


5215 0485 1254

Trainer Name: Beetle

Safari Type: Fairy (or so I'm told)

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#1078 Posted by TheBlue (942 posts) -

@themightyskullboy: I'll add you, I've been looking to refill my safari since I restarted.

Anyone else can add me if they'd like, just be sure to reply to me so I know.

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#1079 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

@theblue Sweet. You forgot to leave your code though! I'll add you as soon as you do.

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#1080 Posted by TheBlue (942 posts) -

@themightyskullboy: Wow, I don't...know how I forgot that. My bad.

The code is 2492-4313-5245 Psychic Type with Espurr Abra and Gothorita

I'll try to stay online for the next couple hours or so we can grab each other's third.

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#1081 Edited by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

Aw man! That would have come in handy last week when I was transferring Abras over from my copy of White for breeding! :)

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#1083 Edited by Wr3cking8a11 (2 posts) -

Hey guys! I'm adding everyone! I don't know my safari at all, sorry :(

I'd @ all of you on this page, but that'll take too long XD



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#1084 Posted by TheBlue (942 posts) -

I can let you know what yours is. I'll be online for the next couple hours so if you go online in game as well I'll be able to find out.

I'd also recommend @-ing all of the people you added. Unless they look in this thread like I did, they won't know you added them.

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#1085 Edited by mitchy099 (6 posts) -

Name: Mitch

Pokemon Y


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#1086 Posted by Darth Paul (133 posts) -

Trainer Name: Link VII

Pokemon X

FC: 3909-8805-5639

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#1087 Posted by pokemon_56 (2 posts) -

name: kyle

fc: 0232-8282-8008

version - Y

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#1088 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1726 posts) -

Trainer Name: Samuel
Friend Code: 0516-7269-1406
Version: Pokémon X

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#1089 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2480 posts) -

Trainer Name: Warren

Friend Code 0645-5852-6254

Pokemon Y

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#1090 Edited by mags88 (2 posts) -

Trainer Name: Maggie

Friend Code: 2122-7740-3868

Pokemon X

Add me please, I don't have any safaris, thanks :)

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#1091 Posted by 7thAndZ (2 posts) -

IGN: 7thAndZ FC: 0259-0365-2698

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#1092 Posted by ForemanDomai (3 posts) -

Trainer Name :ForemanDomai


Pokémon X

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#1093 Edited by gabbadeus (56 posts) -

Add me too My name is Gabbadeus :)

Pokemon y


I also added randomly some duders @soulcake@foremandomai

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#1094 Posted by JooRafa98 (2 posts) -

Trainer name: JooRafa

FC: 3883-7287-2580

Version: X

Add me please :D

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#1095 Posted by JJOR64 (19668 posts) -

Still wanting someone with a Ditto in their Friend Safari. If anyone has one, PLEASE ADD ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WILL HUG YOU FOREVER!

FC: 5241-1907-3301

Version: Y

IGN: Jordan

I believe my Friend Safari is Normal and I think I have Eevee/Apom in mine.

If you add me, PM me so I know along with your Friend Code.

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#1096 Posted by alpacasnot (4 posts) -

Trainer name: Rendon

FC: 0447-5884-7918

Version: X

not sure what type of safari

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#1097 Edited by UltorOscariot (219 posts) -

Trainer name: Shawn

FC: 1160-9731-0418

Y version

Safari type: Rock ( Dwebble, Magcargo, Rhydon)

Added: @alpacasnot ; @jjor64; @joorafa98; @gabbadeus; @foremandomai; @7thandz; @mags88; @captain_felafel; @pokemon_56; @darth_paul; @mitchy099; @wr3cking8a11; @theblue; @themightyskullboy; @sara33; @r3b3lr0b0t; @machofantastico; @jinx1; @vuud; @elbon; @cubone89; @asylumsloth; @akeemjoseph_94; @indra_gunadi_92; @stejo; @damobulski, @blanturn; @pokecharlie; @superwristbands; @jaketaylor; @mufinj15; @danie1f; @pendramix; @christian0727; @abigbroda; or most people who posted on this in the last 6 months. Thanks if you add me, no big if you don't, but just remember to hop on and get your mystery gift Pinsir or Heracross. The Celebi promotion with the pokemon bank ends in September too but the free trial is long over.

@-me if you want me to add you!

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#1098 Edited by Hyugen (2 posts) -

Hello, im new and id like some adds for friend safari.. safari type is: Ghost. seems they are: slot 1: lampent, slot 2: phantump, slot 3: spiritbomb

my code is 0447-7573-0625

trainer name is Mayurah

PM me if anyone adds so i can add also

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#1099 Edited by JJOR64 (19668 posts) -

@ultoroscariot: For some reason I never go your Reply. Either way, I finally added you.

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#1100 Posted by brandonleedy (83 posts) -

@theblue: @themightyskullboy: Hi duders, I added you, hope you don't mind! First time doing a friend safari so I'm unsure of my safari type yet but here's my info:

Pokemon Y

Trainer Name: Brandon

FC: 3583-0693-4293

Many thanks, and anyone else who'd like to swap, just @ me!

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