Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

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@shinboy630: I was going to point this out. I don't blame people if they don't feel like adding the whole list in one go, but there's still people from pretty high in the list who haven't added me. If you don't add everyone, it makes this whole process pointless. I'd give it another day or two, then I think we may have to purge some of them to make room.

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Trainer: CJ

Code: 2320-6164-8242

Pokemon X

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Trainer: Cyclops

Friend Code: 0447-5894-3352

Pokemon X


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Hey folks! I've added everyone up to this point in the thread. Finished the game, but I am still unsure as to what my safari is. If anyone could let me know, I'd appreciate it!


Edit: could have worded it better, I'm curious as to my safari's typing.

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Caught up, a whole lot of duds so far. @alanm26v5 I have you pending on my list if you feel like curating yours. (I'm 3110-4452-2270)

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Trainer Name: Bob

Friend Code: 0989-2957-1858

Pokemon Y

Alright! Everyone above me and down to witnn is on my list.

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Trainer: Ryan

Friend Code: 3024-5050-4058

pokemon x

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Did some cleanup and added new people. I'll try to give you at least a day to add me if you haven't, or else PM or mention and I'll see it.

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Trainer: Clay

Friend Code: 3325-2042-5772

Pokemon X

Add me y'all! =)

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I think that's every one added. Just leaving this here so I know where to start adding from.

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Trainer: Larso

Friend code: 1075-2097-8337

Pokemon X


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trainer : witnn

friend code 1950-8698-2538

pokemon x

i have dark

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@bslayer: thx its all about the pokemon gotta catch en all !!

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Trainer: INDY

Friend Code: 0705-2956-3851

Pokemon X

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Trainer: FromanCamper

Friend code: 0430-8456-9725

Pokemon Y

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trainer trainknight

friend code 4527-7950-4453

pokemon x

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Trainer: Brian

Friend Code: 1306-5997-2179

Pokemon Y

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Trainer: Ceepo

Friend Code: 0705-3340-8438

Pokémon X

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Added everyone up to and including Moekiman.

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Trainer: Krok

FC: 3969-5063-3916

Pokemon X

No idea what my type is

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Trainer: Moekiman

Friend Code: 1950-8388-2560

Pokemon X

I also have Pokemon Y which my brother is playing on, his name is Achraf.

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Antonio. Currently playing Y. FC: 3652-1040-1960.

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...and that's a hundred. still have 31 people that have not added me back so i will clear some out tomorrow if more post their codes.

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I think I would be easier if people reply to those who they've added. But that's just me. I'll start adding people as of now so let me know if you added me

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I started at the end of the forums and worked my way back, so I have everyone after Huginrin.

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Added everyone up to and including Moekiman, now full.

Friend Code is 0688 - 5343 - 1264

I'll start clearing out people who haven't added me and add new people tomorrow :)

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Name: Steven
Friend Code: 5300-8818-4674
Pokemon X
Safari Type: Normal

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Went through the forums again, perfectly reached 100 after adding Matoaca (Steven), gonna start deleting from the list top-down as new arrivals come.

Some of you people that are just adding your code now, be sure to go back to the first page and add existing people!

Btw, question to everyone, how do you access the 3rd pokemon in someone's safari?

Edit: nvm I think I figured it out just now, I think both me and the friend has to be online

@zyzus After you beat the game, goto Lumiose City once you leave your starting town. Go into Lumiose Station in North Boulevard. Sycamore will then give you a ticket to goto a new City. The Safari is in the northeastern part of town.

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@lanechanger: Thanks Lane! I was able to find it, but I'm curious as to what my safari type is.

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Please add my Little brother, he doesn't have any friends besides me on his 3ds. His game name is Link and he's playing X His code is. 3523-2543-7319. I'll start adding everyone from bottom up I'll add everyone until I get his list full.

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@zyzus: Just went through yours, you're Poison (Swalot #99 / Muk #89 / Kakuna #27).

I'm thinking of compiling a list of everyone's type and pokemons that I'm running into but not sure if that's a good idea or not. On one hand I could see it being bad since people will then add specific people rather than add everyone, but on the other I see it being good since the list is growing so big that not everyone can be added at this point and prioritization is needed.

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@lanechanger: Yeah I thought about that but A) I'm not at the end of the game yet, and B) I don't want to exclude people that share types but showed up late to the list or something. I was wondering though, if Person A and B are friends, and person A deletes person B to make room for C, does person B still have access to person A's safari? If so, you could probably find a way to optimize coverage and have access to all Pokemon and not worry about cutting access for others by deleting them. I'm sure once the initial wave of people playing has died down, I'll eventually trim my friends list down of inactive people to make some room for late-comers and to get access to specific Pokemon if that's not an issue.

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Yeah, it'd take the wind out of some folks' sails. It might be neat to have down the line though.

Also, I have added everyone up to here. I have one spot left. I'll clear people out who haven't added me by tomorrow.

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Full list now, still only 20 confirmed friends. Step it up Duders!

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Mine is 1547 5177 1856 , pokeymans x

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Trainer Name: Greg

Code: 4656-6363-5855

Version Y

Don't have a safari yet

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My list is full now. I suppose I'll do what everyone else is doing and start deleting people that don't add me back so I can make room for more. I went through all of my safaris today, guess what I found? I'm way too excited about this, currently training his speed up! I nicknamed him Blaze:

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Hello my friend code is 396948843369 I have steel type I will be adding everyone on this page to start with

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@galiant: Oooh nice shiny! I'm just stoked whenever I see an X exclusive show up for me

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Need those codes :)

Trainer: Amelia

Friend Code: 4983-5972-2963

Pokemon X

Message me and I'll add back

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Just finished sending out as many requests as i could. I eventually ran out of course I couldn't sent a request to anyone from Brent to Sam on the list but sent one to all the people who posted after me.

edit: also feel free to send a battle request or whatever else (although you shouldn't expect serious competition if you do)

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Trainer: James

Friend Code: 0387-8765-0852

Pokemon Y

Shoot me a message if you add me and I'll add you back.

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Trainer: Jose

Friend Code: 362588750042

Pokemon X

Added everyone on third page so far

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code: 0232 7923 7574

Pokemon X

Message me and I'll add you

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Trainer: Mike

Code: 5413-0387-7849

Pokemon X

Message me and I'll add you.

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@viewtiful: Btw I'm mainly looking for ghost and steel safaris

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Alright, friends list full, did my best to add everyone I could. Add me back!

also can someone tell me what my safari is? 2595-1181-4844 and trainer name is Ryan.

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I have added as many people as I could. I have 33 confirmed people on my list. I managed to add almost everyone up until this point (I think deleted people higher on the list and replaced them with people on this page who said they had added everyone listed so far). I'll probably wait a couple of days before deleting the non-confirmed people and start again.

Whats the most effective way of making sure everyone on here gets a full 100 people confirmed?

Should we start a new list (and maybe mention that we were on the old list?)

Maybe on the list created in the top position we can have numbers assigned to each person, then when someone new comes they can give the range of numbers they have added to their friend list? That way existing members will know if its worth adding the new person or not.

I dont think there is a good way of doing this; damn Nintendo and their backwardness.

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