Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

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@firedead659: ungotta add me bk for it to work 1736-0904-3230

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ok ill add all who added me

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Havn't gotta anything back from alot of the people from the first pages so I deleted quite a few. I sent a request to everyone who posted their code on pages 4 and 5. Eqtriz, Alrez, Dain, Soap, Danny hibiki, Pokemike, Devon, John, Anders, Firedead and Jamaica

Reply or send a message if you sent me one and I haven't gotten back

Grass type (thanks for the info lanechanger)

code 4656-6363-5855

Also I will keep adding people who post after this

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Add me guys 1736-0904-3230

Reply me with ur FC! Instant add,

Lme know ur types

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@cus: just tried adding haven't gotten anything back yet

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Vcuyler please complete elite 4. Ur givig me 2 only hahaha

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My FC is 1032-2175-4106

I dunno what type I am yet, just getting into this


In-game name is Dunkin

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@slambassador: 3411-1286-9574 add me

btw i got pokemons with pokerus if you want it just trade

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Wow so many responses and the users community showcase :O i will do my best to edit the list now !! i have to its my responsibility :D

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@cus said:

@karkarov: doneee

U havent elite 4 ;(

I spend more time raising pokemon that I do pushing the story. For example yesterday I took an aron I traded for from level 1 all the way to level 59. Worry not though I will have the games story beaten sometime this afternoon.

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OK I've gone through and added more people, if you've posted from page 2 onwards you are already on my list

FC: 1349 - 5743 - 4635

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Cool! I'm not that far in the game yet, but I'll add people asap

Trainer: Brandon


Pokemon Y

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Hello! I'd like to join the madness, although I haven't a clue what my safari type is.



Pokemon Y

[Edit] Registered @shadow, @sengus, @lanechanger, @karkarov

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@truenikos: add me all


btw i got pokemons with pokerus

FireDead / Ground / 2 i beat elite 4 at october 15

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let me know if you add me so I can add baack

Chadrosaur/ Electric / beat elite 4

friends have confirmed Electabuzz Emolga and garvantuala

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Added Shadow, True Nikos, and chadlawlz


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@flappy said:

@alanm26v5: @vcuyler: @chadlawlz: You've all been added.

Edit: Apparently I'm trippin', cuz I already added Alan. My fault, homie. I'm also getting errors with @vcuyler's FC.

back tracked a bit and @vcuyler friend code is 4656-6363-5855 added everyone so far, thanks guys ;D

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Trainer : Antony

Friend Code : 4957-3444-8782

Pokemon x

add away :D will add back!!

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@ant101er: added, I'm 1032-2175-4106

Also, anyone who added me mind letting me know what type I am in the Safari?

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FC: 2191-8948-5275

In game name: VICTOR

Version: X

I will add everyone, hope someone add me as well.

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FC: 0791-2311-2341

In game name: Grimm

Version: Y

add me let me know and i'll add you back!

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At this point I think many of the users listed in the first few pageseither forgot about the thread or have filled up their list. Gonna free up some slots to add people so if you're interested, send me a PM so that I can add you.

Trainer Name: Variath

Friend Code: 5327-1119-9050

Version: Y

On an added note I haven't beat the E4 yet but I'm close, so bear with me.

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Trainer Name: Mike
Friend Code: 2019-9680-7980
Version: X

Send me a message if you add me.

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@lanechanger: Cool, I seem to be the only Dragon person. Do you by chance know the third Pokemon?

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Trainer Name: Paul

FC: 0619-4290-9497

Grass type. Post E4. Version X. Pm when you add me so I can add back.

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@colinwright: I do find dragon to be rare, I have one RL friend that's dragon and you. Normal seems to be pretty rare too. Your third is a Sliggoo

@phampire @mdslac: Added, add me back.

Trainer: Jerry

FC: 1736-0961-4182

Type: Water

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Trainer: Alex

Friend Code: 0318-7228-2697

Pokemon X

Thanks for putting this together!

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