Pokemon Safari Friend Code Exchange

#301 Posted by VICTOR444 (12 posts) -

I'm adding everyone from page 4 onwards, sorry i don't know how to reply multiple posts at one time.

FC (HUGO): 2191-8948-5275

Trainer name: VICTOR

version: X

I want to know what type is my safary.

#302 Posted by Vessel28 (189 posts) -
#303 Posted by jamaicaman559 (39 posts) -

2535 5031 7021

#304 Edited by Xtrminatr (279 posts) -

Friend Code 2449 4873 8674

Trainer Name: Nick

Version: X

adding everyone from the bottom up

#305 Edited by Cam (85 posts) -

Can everyone add me please my FC: 2466-2735-7594 I'm online all the time and I need friends I got pokemon x and I've completed the game thanks hope to get some requests

#306 Posted by jamaicaman559 (39 posts) -
#308 Posted by mazik765 (2350 posts) -

Friend Code: 1547 5425 7622

Name: Mike

Trainer Name: Biggs

Version: Y

On pretty much daily, would love some more Pokemon Safari entrants :3

#309 Posted by Xtrminatr (279 posts) -
#310 Posted by mazik765 (2350 posts) -

@cam: @lanechanger: @crimsonhigh: Added you guys, among others. Too lazy to look through the thread and fine all your names D:

Friend Code: 1547 5425 7622

#311 Posted by mazik765 (2350 posts) -
#312 Edited by perfectlizardwizard (115 posts) -

I'll add everyone back from this post until I run into duplicates -- I still have like 40 some people that haven't added after 3 days. >_>

Are people not looking at the OP list?

#313 Posted by batasaurusREX (4 posts) -

@cus Confirmed Psychic - Drowzee and Espurr haven't seen the third yet!

Thanks for the add!

#314 Edited by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

Josh : 0344-9277-0185


Please let me know when you enter mine and I will enter yours. Really need a damn ditto safari lol

#315 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Josh I have a ditto I'm willing to trade

#316 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Everyone add my FC 2466-2735-7594

and josh I'm happy to trade my ditto for a male larvitar if you're interested and also add me josh

#317 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: I have dittos thank you, I'm just looking for safari dittos for perfect iv's. Adding you now

#318 Posted by cus (34 posts) -

@victor444: added u. U gotta add me back 1736-0904-3230

#319 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cus: add me adding you now

#320 Edited by cus (34 posts) -
#321 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -
#322 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

Anyone else? Let me know

#323 Posted by cus (34 posts) -

Hey guys who just joined this thread, add me 1736-0904-3230

My fc name is cus, in game gerry

Reply me and post ur friend code, will add within 10 mins.

Looking for steel dark normal types. Im psychic btw ;)

#324 Posted by Lanechanger (921 posts) -

@nomtank: @cam: @osnyestrada: Added, add me back @ 1736-0961-4182

Removed: McBain / Mike / James / Jospawn / Chaossebba / Mike / john / Anthony / Alex

#325 Posted by Lanechanger (921 posts) -
#326 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -
#328 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Anyone who hasn't added me my FC: 2466-2735-7594

Looking forward to getting some new friend requests soon :) and would anyone happen to have a spare larvitar by any chance I really need one cheers :)

#329 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: have a pupitar for you duder, you can breed with ditto. Sending you a trade now

#330 Edited by Cam (85 posts) -

Cheers mate

#331 Edited by Cam (85 posts) -

What do you want for it I don't have much lol

#332 Posted by cus (34 posts) -

@cam: i wanna trade it for a hidden abilty barboah or whishcash (hydration)

#333 Edited by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: anything is fine. Friendly favor lol

#334 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Could I trade you my scyther so It can evolve

#335 Edited by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: ahh scyther. Cool shit. Thanks man watching it evolve now

#336 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

Coming back to you now

#337 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Thanks so much mate if you ever need help or pokemon I will try my hardest to help

And do you need a dratini because I'm about to go breed some if it possible

#338 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Time for me to go find a bulbasuar lol

#339 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: sounds good man. I'm stuck on wartortle for some reason and it won't let me back out?! Lol

#340 Edited by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: have all gen 6 and 1 starters if you want also

#341 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

All I need is bulbasuar and I have all 3 starters

#342 Edited by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: got him for ya

#343 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Anyone need a dratini I'm about to go breeding right now pm if you need one

#344 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

I wonder if I trade my poliwhirl with its kings rock if it will evolve want to test it josh?

#345 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: I'll take one. What do you want

#346 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: sure, give me a sec and I'll send you a trade invite for the poli

#347 Edited by Cam (85 posts) -

Anything you helped me so I will help you :)

#348 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

You might have to wait a bit because there breeding

#349 Posted by xXCrazyCostaXx (169 posts) -

@cam: cool cool, also if you find anyone with ditto in their safari send my code to them and get me there's. Would make getting max iv's a hell of a lot easier

#350 Posted by Cam (85 posts) -

Sure thing :)

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