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I have a


nature Timid

characteristic mischievous

item charizarditye y


- Focus blast

- Heat wave

- dragon pulse

- sloar beam

2. Salamence

nature Naughty

Characteristic Alert to sounds

item -draco plat


- Earthquake

- dragon claw

- fly

- Crunch

3 starmie

nature Timid

Characteristic Mischievous

item ??

- Hydro pump

- ice beam

- psychic

- thunderbolt

4. Aegislash

nature Brave

Characteristic Alert to sounds

item ???


- Sacred sword

- king's shield

- shadow sneak

- swords dance

5. Alakazam

nature Rash

Characteristic thoroughly cunning

item ???


- psychic

- dazzling Gleam

- shadow ball

- recover

6. I need some help deciding that the last pokemon should be can some one help me out

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