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Hey all. Share your strats and experiences with wi-fi battles here. State which battle mode your strat is for. I'm going to share my strat for beating megakhan and azumarill in single battle wi-fi.

My strat is to start the battle with a pokemon that you think megakhan will destroy. I always expect the fake out and switch to rocky helmet skarmory. Since he attacks twice, he gets hit by rocky helmet twice. The second turn they then usually go for power up punch, so on the second turn I use whirlwind to reset his attack stat. 4 rocky helmets to the face puts megakhan at about 30% health, so he is finished at that point. There are alot of megakhans running around and this strat works flawlessly. However one time I came up against a special flamethrower megakhan, and I lost to him due to a surprise. So to counter that at the same time, lead with a water type, before switching to skarmory to fish out wheather he is the very rare special attack megakhan.

So thats my one strat for megakhan, if he is stomping your teams in single battles.

Also belly drum azumarill is very similar. If you see azumarill, always expect the belly drum. switch in skarmory right when he switches azumarill in. He is unable to 1 shot skarmory even after belly drum with an aqua jet and you will be at about 25% health. They always use aqua jet because they know skarmory has sturdy and do not want the damage loss from superpower. Use whirlwind the first turn, and if possible roost the next turn.

Megahkan: 8esw-wwww-www3-2Le6

Azumarill: brmg-wwww-www3-2kvx

(I was predicting the agislash was a mixed sweeper with shadowball, flash cannon, sacred sword and kings shield, but he was pure special).

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