Pokemon X and Y have "Mega Evolutions" Update: Video!

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. MegaMewTwo and MegaBlaziken look aight, and apparently Charizard has one. It sounds kinda cool honestly, but I dunno. Thoughts?

Also, lots of Digimon jokes are in order.

Update: Nintendo released a host of screens and a video showing off the "Mega Evolution." It works by making your Pokemon hold a "Mega Stone" item, and can only be used in battle. Think of it like your Pokemon is going Super Saiyan... or Digivolving... Video embedded underneath.

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I havent kept up to pokemon for a while. Whats Bulbasaur`s current evolution ?

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Also, lots of Digimon jokes are in order.

Di di di?

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I havent kept up to pokemon for a while. Whats Bulbasaur`s current evolution ?

He evolves into Ivysaur and Peni Venusaur. Dunno if he's got a Mega Evolution yet.

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I mean, considering Digimon changed the rules on how it worked every season, I'm surprised it took this long for Pokemon to get around to it.

On the other hand, Digimon had a megalomaniacal monkey dude who wore sunglasses and lived in a military compound inside a giant pyramid. So I think they still come out ahead.

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Et tu, Mewtwo?

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Didn't the third season also have a sock puppet girl who became all sad and evil and shit?

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That is weird. I don't know how to feel about that. I can't decide if MegaCharizard is the dumbest or best thing ever.

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I love these games and I'm looking forward to X and Y, but as time goes on it's just getting more and more ridiculous. It's a video game though, so whatever.

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Change into digital champions tooooo... save the digital WORLD!

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Pokemon simultaneously jumps the shark, becomes digimon, and gets awesome. I'm so confused.

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The mega evolutions look pretty conservative/lazy as hell.

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I have been saying that they need to introduce fourth evolution for years now as a way of putting new life back into these games, and this seems to be basically that idea.

I am pumped!

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I want MegaSlowBro and MegaSnorlax. Cuz fuck it!

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I googled Mega Charizard and this image appeared.

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Oh God. How much more stupid can they go? Whatever, I need to catch up like 100 episodes of the cartoon because nostalgia. Every time I see something about Pokemon, I feel like watching from where I left off.

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Sounds interesting. I was hoping that one day there would be 4th evolutions but this sounds different and pretty wack.

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Did anyone ever use Mawile?

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Also, lots of Digimon jokes are in order.

I came in here to post "MEGAVOLUTION!" and leave. But you predicted my move.

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I googled Mega Charizard and this image appeared.

I don't care what MegaCharizard actually looks like, I want it to be this!

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Did anyone ever use Mawile?

Probably why it got the mega prefix.

I think this isn't very imaginative, especially considering how long this series has been going on yet at the same time it's one of the biggest changes to pokemon in ages. I'll still put tens of hours into the game because they're always the same extremely high quality and scratch a certain itch for me every time.

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@darthorange said:

I googled Mega Charizard and this image appeared.

I don't care what MegaCharizard actually looks like, I want it to be this!

That looks a lot like WereGarurumon from Digimon

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Pokemon has simultaneously become far more stupid and far more interesting then it has been in years.

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Honestly, this makes complete sense to me. How many new Pokemon can you actually come up with? Are we going to get to a point where there are 1000 species? How many of those would actually be memorable. I'd much rather be able to transfer over some of my powerful dudes from previous games and evolve them again. Charizard and Amphros have new evolutions, those are my favorite Pokemon, so I'm happy.

Also, this game could only have 50 Pokemons in it and it would still be amazing because it basically has Stadium battles in it. So nothing they could do would ruin it for me.

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Yeah the designs are pretty lame. It's like a half evolution. Still excited for these games. Pokemon never looked better (despite some continuing crappy design and horrible story and dialogue).

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I don't really see how these differ from regular evolutions, but maybe there's some gameplay quirk we don't know about yet. I'm fine with the designs for most of those guys, but Jesus, the MegaAmpharos and MegaAbsol just look like Ampharos and Absol with a few extra tufts of hair, they really feel phoned in. Hopefully these guys will also have better names than "MegaMewtwo", etc. when it comes to the English version.

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That Ampharos has sweet hair.

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It's not really an "evolution" but a form. It sounds like there will be some tomfoolery with items in a battle, and they will become their Mega form for that battle.

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Updated with video.

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They should give Pikachu one to give everyone even less incentive to evolve it into Raichu.

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I have a feeling this is how they will push dlc for the games.

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