[Preparations for Season 7] PKMN League Season 6.

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#51 Posted by Generic_username (599 posts) -

@turtlebird95: No way, I feel like I mostly lucked out last time!

#52 Posted by Jinx1 (92 posts) -

Beat spaceboat 2-1. The last battle is the most intense battle I have ever played. Didn't know who would win until the end, and so many insanely good predictions on both sides.

First: f73w-wwww-www7-gbxx

second: m6pg-wwww-www7-gbx2

third: upgw-wwww-www7gbx3

#53 Edited by SpaceBoat (173 posts) -

I really can't recommend that third match enough. It was beautiful.

#54 Posted by GoranP (1115 posts) -

Things really died down this season, haven't they?

#55 Posted by Hunter5024 (5600 posts) -

@goranp: I've really been enjoying the matches I was in, even if they were far apart.

#56 Edited by Jinx1 (92 posts) -

Yea I still enjoy it. I think some people are just too busy atm I guess or are losing interest.

#57 Posted by Jinx1 (92 posts) -
#58 Edited by Turtlebird95 (2343 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm REALLY sorry for the holdup. I really did not expect that I'd be so busy! Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and forfeit to @generic_username because I'm positive he'd beat me again and I'm not sure when I'd be able to actually battle in the first place. I'm pretty sure I'll be good whenever season 7 starts though, so I'll be sure to give it my all then!

Also, I'm still willing to give away some Pokemans when this season ends. I'll post a list of what's up for grabs when this season ends. Anyone who participated is entitled to one, the champion will get two!

#59 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -

I know this season has slowed down, but I hope we have another one, I am very interested and want to get in the fray again!

#60 Posted by GoranP (1115 posts) -

I'm always down to organize things. Can we get an update on whether this season is going to finish? If not we can just move on.

#61 Posted by JJOR64 (18939 posts) -

This thing is still going on? Dang.

#62 Posted by fragor87 (83 posts) -

It seems as though this season has stalled out.

#63 Edited by Hunter5024 (5600 posts) -

Generic Username and I are battling Monday.

#64 Posted by GoranP (1115 posts) -

Alright, that's enough. I'm calling it over. You guys can finish this if you want but the new season will start soon. Regular rules?

#65 Posted by Hunter5024 (5600 posts) -

Generic Username resigned from the tournament. I'd still like to finish this one up if Spaceboat and Jinx1 are still down, but I agree its long past time to start deliberations.

I'd say either regular rules, or doubles. Maybe we should impose some kind of time limit for getting battles done? I know it can be difficult to match up schedules, but a one week time limit per match up seems reasonable to me.

#66 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -

Regular rules sounds fine to me...quick question is Heatran banned by normal rules standards? He's kind of a legendary but...not really.

#67 Edited by Jinx1 (92 posts) -

Heatran seems like a heated question. Personally I feel like ubers should not be allowed. Anything else is okay. The recent bans I agree to the khang ban, but not mega gengar and mega lucario. Heatran is somehow not ubers and is somehow allowed in battlespot. So he can go. How both of these happened it beyond me. He has 5 x4 resistances! 5!! Thats too much for one pokemon to have, he is too good.

#68 Posted by fragor87 (83 posts) -

I'm still in favor of picking a Smogon tier and sticking to it for that season. There's quite a lot of variety between OU, UU, RU, and NU.

#69 Posted by ThaMilkMan (344 posts) -

@jinx1 He is indeed too good, not only the resistances but also flash fire. Yeah the Khang ban makes sense because Khang is far too powerful but mega gengar isn't really THAT threatening in my experience. I also agree with @fragor87 on the matter, lets just stick to a smogon tier per season, that way rules are established, and we can vary them from there but start with the tier first as a baseline.

#70 Posted by SpaceBoat (173 posts) -

If we decide to take a Smogon tier, I think it would have to begin with OU. Any of the lower ones would limit us too much because we don't actually have that many participants

Also, Heatran is kind of strong... I could just plop it in my team in like any place and be golden, so I don't know about that one. Kangaskhan is definitely way too strong, but Gengar and Lucario are manageable. Gengar is weak to Sucker Punch which it seems like everyone runs now, and Lucarios seem to be limited by their movesets.

#71 Posted by fragor87 (83 posts) -

@spaceboat: I'm not sure how Lucario is limited by it's moveset. It can be a lethal physical or special attacker. Because of the unpredictability and the fact that there are very few safe switch-ins to it that is why Smogon banned Mega Lucario to ubers.

#72 Posted by GoranP (1115 posts) -

OK, since we've had lots of seasons with no tiers, we can try implementing the OU tier for Season 7. I'll make a sign ups thread this Saturday and hopefully the tournament will start on the following Monday.

#73 Edited by SpaceBoat (173 posts) -

@fragor87: I mean, it seems like, after you've figured out its moveset, it's sort of easy to predict. It might have just been the Lucarios people have used here though. Most people ran physical with Bullet Punch and Close Combat, and I have Chandelure which gets a pretty free switch in. Then again, I did get taken apart by a Mega Lucario a like last season or something. If people are thinking of banning Mega Lucario I'm not exactly about to try to stop them, haha.

If anyone is still interested in the last season, I just battled @hunter5024 and won 2-0



#74 Posted by SpaceBoat (173 posts) -

Just wanted to make one more post saying that I battled jinx to close out this tournament and won 2-1. I can't post the videos now, but I'll try to get on that later.

#75 Posted by Jinx1 (92 posts) -

Heres the videos

first: wznw-wwww-www8-52jm

second: 2ucg-wwww-www8-52jq

third: yt9w-wwww-www8-52js

It was good games. There were a few close moments. I had thought the willow wisp on mawile was a good play. That cost me the game completely. That one move changed the whole battle. Never really crossed my mind that he would use it. Then I used brick break thinking scizor would come in. Oh well. The third match I probably would of won if I had used genesect or palkia instead of shaymin. Just a lot of dumb decisions on my part cost me the game.

On that note my team is freaking awesome. Rhyperior with weakness policy in trick room is unstoppable. When he is up and running on a kill streak there was always these huge pauses, with my opponents hesitantly realizing that the next pokemon they send out will die. Mawile is a similar story too. Dralage is also a really neat pokemon. Unfortunately his dream world ability adapatability is unreleased. But when it is released he will sport the highest damage sludge bomb and dragon pulse/draco in the game. But for now hes more of a black sludge stall pokemon. His typing is actually incredibly good and his resistances fit this team well. He has a lot of very critical resistances that are very common that a lot of good pokemon are weak to so he is very good back up.

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