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So I have a quick question about how EVs function. Do EVs add more stats when leveling up? Or do they provide a static amount of stats based on what level you are, no matter when you build the evs? For example is a pokemon EV trained from level 1 going to have the same stats with an identically trained pokemon that was EV trained at level 25?

Thanks guys, sorry if I'm unclear in any way.

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I'm pretty sure it is now a static amount based on the level you are. The stats from EVs are also now immediately added to the pokemon without having to level up, but there is obviously a limit to how many they will get, the rest will be added later. So yes, if a pokemon fully EV trained at level 1 is trained to level 25, it will have the same stats as one you EV trained at 25 providing they have the same IVs and Nature. A level 100 will get all the possible stats it can from EV training as there will no limit.

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It's a static amount. You're essentially adding points to your Pokemon's base stats. I think it's 1 point for every 4 EVs. There's a limit of 252 EVs to a stat and each pokemon can have 510 EVs total. But yeah, in X and Y and I think Black and White and their sequels changed it so the stats were applied instantly whereas they were only applied upon leveling up in older games.

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I'm super confused after reading all this. As I understand it, you get 1 stat point for every 4 EVs, and you can apply a maximum of 252 EVs to any given stat (and only 510 total). However, the level of the Pokemon determines how many of those stats it is currently receiving, and it won't have all of them until its level 100. I think.

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Just think about it this way, the pokemon will receive the same stats boosts from EV training it at level 1, or level 100 as long as the base EV's were reset to zero when starting.

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