Safari friend code exchange for latecomers

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Added like 14 people on the list. I'll add more later.

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could someone who has water safari add me ? fc:3625 9637 5792

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Everyone new on page 4 and on this page I've added you.

Friend Code: 0430 - 8352 - 1119

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Amazing Fc: 1306-6743-0099 trainer name: Ash. i dont know my pokemon type. oh yea and pokemon x verison. Ive already started on adding everyone. so please add me and tell me what type pokemon i have and which 3. ill try to be on as much as possible. thanks.

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Trainer name bill

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Added everyone.


Trainer name: Milk

Version: Y

Safari: Ghost (I think)

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Pokemon X and Y
Friend Code: 4742-6165-8829
Name: Aly

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Could you add me as well? Desperate for new safaris. 4184-2987-0854

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Trainer Name: Lux

Friend Code: 4441-9764-1677

Type: Ghost

Version: X

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Trainer Name: Aruco

Friend Code: 2981-6717-6052

Type: Flying (pidgey, Swana, Fletchinder)

Version: Y

anyone feel free to add me ill check back to add you too :D added several people off the list already

@fatescharge added you as well :D

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I'll start adding everyone - please add me back!

Wess (Y Version): 5214-9196-5124

Not sure of my type - I think someone told me it was Rock.

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I added everyone from the table on page 1, and the following people from the rest:

@Burbaloo:, @tehkingofjokers, @eug,@cmblasko, @CynicalBuzzard, @Ddlo214, @SpiffyMrBubbles, @Fattony12000, @okeefe2010, @Samba_P, @CrimsonAvenger, @RyanRincon17, @MilesElrich, @darcdevious1, @Trenton, @McGriddle550, @Noodleluv, @Milogia, @PhilOsyfee, @brontosaurus, @t67443, @Suatana, @Muttinus_Rump, @Shaka999, @wokey, @CreepingDeath0, @billyo12, @Strangestories

Please add me back - my friends list is now full, so if I don't get an add back in a few days I'll probably drop you.

Also, if anyone wants to tell me what's in my safari - I would appreciate it!

Wess: 5214-9196-5124

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@wess said:
Also, if anyone wants to tell me what's in my safari - I would appreciate it!

Your safari has... Cascoon and Swalot ~ I have yet to see you online so I can encounter the 3rd. :)

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Nacho - 0044-2800-5237

Pokemon Y

Safari - Fire

I've added Suatana, Wess, Seija, Nate, Dingo, Dave, Adam, Daniel, and Dash so far.

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Jesse: 2251 - 5578 - 1796

pokemon x

Don't know what my safari type is :3

EDIT: added @trebonius @wess and @aly_francis30 plz add me back!

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I've added everyone above me, please add me back.

Milk: 2509-2591-7718

My safari is ghost.

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I'm adding everyone above. Please add me




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Added everyone new


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Looking for anyone that has a Normal safari with Ditto in it.

Also, my FC = 5241-1907-3301

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I hope I'm not too late to get in on this, only just got my 3ds!

Name: Joshua

Friend Code: 1006-0411-9417

Game: Pokemon Y


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Pokémon X / Type: Ice (Spheal, Beartic, Dewgong)

Found out my type, and I am no longer looking for a Ditto safari! Now I'll just add anyone who adds me back.

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I've been searching desperately for a Ditto safari for a while. If anyone knows they have one and would like to add me, please send me a PM!

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@samuraigarrin: @shamblertree: Added you two.

*Since I can't seem to place my original message above the reply I'll just paste it down here:

I know this is kind of dead but I've been trying to get a safari with ninetales in it. If anyone has that I'd love it if you could let me know.

Of course, I'll take anything safari as well. My zone is... psychic, I think.

FC: 3067-4627-6032

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twich plays pokemon has got me intrested in pokemon x y I know im probably late but I'll add everyone. trainers name is Osmar freind code is 0705-3899-3346

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Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who has a Ditto safari D: if someone has please add me, fc is: 4210-4846-6305. I don't know what my safari type is, unfortunately.

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I need some friends for the post-game Safari once I finish it. I'll add pretty much all of you guys to my list so we can share some safari catches.

Friend Code: 0877-1841-7766 / Pokemon X / Trainer name: Catie

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Trainer name: Yeezus

Version: Y

Friend Code: 1736-1311-1351

Not sure about type, feel free to let me know. I've added @ryoken81: @sodapop7: @gartkn:

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Hi, better late then never!

Trainer Name: Toschi

Friend Code: 0834-2042-0503

Version: Y

Type: Fighting

Let's catch 'em all!

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Can we use these Friend Codes for Trades/Battles as well? Or just for Safaris?

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Name- Brett

Friend Code- 0104-0844-5955

Version- X

I'm looking for someone with a Froakie in their Safari, add me if you do.

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Please add me. 0576-4451-2118

I'm water type, that's all I know.

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Name: Gumpus

FC: 1435 - 4788 - 5854

Dunno what my safari is, but i'd be glad to add as many duders as i can!

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Trainer Name: Link VII

Pokemon X

FC: 3909-8805-5639

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