Shiny Thread!

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Talk openly about shinies! (It's okay, we're a safe-zone) Specifically, you can use this thread to trade them if you so choose or just share stories about what you have, etc.

I personally just want to say, "hey guys, why don't you go step out into the friend safari, will you?"

I don't know about any one else but I encounter shinies on the daily maybe 2-5 times a day when I go in there, I don't know what the deal is -- is it like this for anyone else?

For posterity, shinies I have:









I'd have more but half the time I'm running away from them in the safari and catch the glint right as I leave. :*(

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How have you encountered so many?

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I've found a shiny Spiritomb in the Friend Safari, grabbed a shiny Nidoking from the GTS, and just today Masuda bred a shiny Gardevoir. I wish I had that kind of luck in the Friend Safari, though. That's insane.

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How have you encountered so many?

Shinies are extremely easy to get in X and Y.

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I encountered a shiny Pyroar the other day in the Friend Safari. So maybe that does have something to do with it.

I also caught a shiny Durant a while ago that I found while walking through a cave.

In total I've had 4 shinies. Those two, an Altaria from 4th Gen when I was trying the Pokeradar, and a shiny Arbok from 2nd Gen who may or may not still exist.

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Sounds like Shinies are so damn easy to find now.

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Granted, I haven't been in wild patches that much because I do mostly breeding for my team and haven't found any in Pokeradar (32 Chain) and I haven't tried fishing yet but yeah man, friend safari is no joke. Oh and shiny Kecleon less than 5 minutes ago!

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@jjor64 said:

Sounds like Shinies are so damn easy to find now.

Maybe so but you still have to work hard for shinies that are worthy of being used competitively.

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I'm part of a group in my city for 3DS streetpassing. It's sort of devolved into people just talking about 3DS games (i.e.: Pokemon and Animal Crossing). Anyway, one of the people in the group made this:

I think he's insane. But, still pretty cool.

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My only shiny is Aeigislash, and he is awesome.

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That's pretty cool! I don't think it's crazy unless he went out of his way to do it, seems like he was already working with those parts to begin with and put them to some good shiny-use. :)

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@deadeyemccoy said:

I've found a shiny Spiritomb in the Friend Safari, grabbed a shiny Nidoking from the GTS, and just today Masuda bred a shiny Gardevoir. I wish I had that kind of luck in the Friend Safari, though. That's insane.

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I actually got a Shiny Bulbasaur from Sycamore. My first Shiny ever, and so far only one too. I should spend some more time in the Friend Safari I guess.

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Shiny Gulpin. Named 'er Gobbles. I'm gonna use her competively and you can't stop me.

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iirc shinys are more common in the friend safari because encountering the same pokemon repeatedly raises the chance of it being shiny, and if your friend is offline there is only two Pokemon that can appear.

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I have a shiny Sharpedo nicknamed "Purple Reign", so there's that.

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Never. Not once. Not since I started playing over 15 years ago. What fucking luck.

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I encountered a shiny Hoothoot in Pokemon Gold once, at the part in the beginning before you had access to Pokeballs...

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My girlfriend found a shiny Loudred and a shiny Teddiursa within five minutes of each other in my Friend Safari last week.

I haven't found any this gen, but I haven't tried to just yet, either.

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@pandabear: I saw a shiny zubat like, 13 years ago. Then from 5th gen onwards it's been a slow but steady incline shinies for me. I honestly don't care if they make shinies more common I personally just don't like the way some 'mons look unless they're shiny and vice versa. Them being rare is just a side bonus that I can do without.

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I caught a shiny Geodude in a horde battle yesterday. That was pretty cool. That's the only shiny I've encountered in this game though, and I'm in the friend safari a whole lot. I've also attempted chain fishing a few times today, because my friend's favorite pokemon is Poliwag so I figure he'd appreciate one of those. Got really unlucky though. Even with suction cup I couldn't get my chain higher than mid twenties.

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Still trying to hatch a shiny Squirtle with the Masuda Method. Over 100 eggs hatched and no luck yet. :(

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Going for a shiny Tyranitar atm, but getting my perfect 5 w/ egg moves and a premier ball first is proving to be quite the challenge. /PKMNbreederproblems

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I have been playing Pokemon for over 15 years since Red first came out, and I have never seen a shiny pokemon in any of my games. :(

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The second Pokemon I ran into was a shiny Fletchling. Over 100 hours later it remains the only one I have seen. :(

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I've so far only encountered 5 in this game,but I've never seen any in previous games.

I've seen and caught 2 shiny Magikarp,a shiny Gyarodos,and a shiny Seaking. (All of which have been traded except for my Gyarodos)

And the other one I saw was a shiny Foongus,but I had never seen that pokemon before in my life,so I didn't know at the time.

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I've never seen a shiny in the wild. At this point if I'm going to spend a huge amount of time getting one special pokemon, I think I'd rather just breed one with 5 perfect IV scores instead of trying to get a crazy encounter chain.

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@bleshoo: I'm not that interested in shinies as a rule, but shiny Aegislash is badass.

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I found this tip on youtube and actually thought it was interesting for those who don't want to neccesarily be grinding or paying attention to your 3ds during the whole process.

Use the "masuda method" (I have a Japanese Ditto) and then doing what the vid uploader does was quite helpful then before. Got my shiny Muk and am currently working on a shiny Lucario.

Good luck folks

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That guy took a week to breed 120 eggs? lel.

Also, this method is utterly pointless if you're not procuring good IV's. You might as well just Pokeradar or Horde spam for a shiny, if you don't care for the stats there's no point in breeding for a shiny.

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I have got a shiny Frogadier in the friend safari, which is now a Greninja

a shiny Pichu after breeding +/- 500 eggs masuda method

a shiny Magikarp which is now a Gyarados, from chain fishing

a shiny Ponyta which is now a Rapidash in friend safari

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@perfectlizardwizard: Those methods only work for specific Pokemon though. If you want a Beldum, like he was doing, there's no way to chain or horde spam for one. Also, some people like to train Pokemon without putting in the absurd amount of effort to IV train everything (and yes, I know it's not really all that difficult now). You don't need to be a hardcore player to appreciate a cool trophy 'mon.

Although I think it is worth mentioning that the shiny charm is most likely the reward for fully completing the Pokedex again. So if you wait for the release of Pokemon Bank, you should be able to cut down the encounter rate to around 1/500.

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trading darkrai for shiny freokies

friend code: 4768-8692-7670

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I just caught my first shiny (like, ever, in my pokemon history) yesterday by chain fishing. It was a Clauncher, and I caught it on my 45th reel. I've spent all of my pokemon time in the friend safari today searching for a shiny Ponyta to no avail. I've probably encountered over 500 pokemon, and haven't seen one yet. I know that's not a huge number, but it makes me doubt that the friend safari increases the chances of getting a shiny that significantly. I've also hatched about 400 Eevee eggs using the Masuda method and haven't gotten the shiny there yet, either.

Chain fishing though, that shit's off the hook.


Anyways, that Clauncher is totally up for trade if anyone's got some other shiny they want to trade for it.

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I will trade ANYTHING for a male Shiny Squirtle with no nickname!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From previous gens I have shiny zubat, numel, wurmple, ponyta and of course the "red gyrados". From X, I have a shiny lickitung and weepinbell.

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