Should I Get Pokemon X Now?

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Between Twitch Plays Pokemon and noticing Pokemon X/Y is on sale at my local gaming store, I'm thinking of picking it up and getting back into the series after 15 years. I'm wondering:

  • Is this a good game to rejoin the series? Or should I wait for the next release?
  • How active is the online community? Will I be able to easily make trades & find battles over the Internet?
  • Do the online systems work with a wireless connection/router?
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I have the same question.

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As someone who left the series because I couldn't devote the time needed to grind out levels this is the best one to jump into because of the stuff like exp. share. Plus having the ability to trade randomly shitty pokemon is thrilling when you by chance get an awesome one back

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Question 1: It's all right. In comparison to Black/White and Black/White 2 it is seriously lacking in content. There's no difficulty settings anymore. Since you are given the Exp. Share early on in the game, it becomes seriously easy. The story itself is also quite poor in comparison to the Team Plasma from BW and BW2. It's a decent game and with the massive upgrade in graphics, you might enjoy it.

Question 2: The GTS (Global Trade Station) is horrid and I would recommend against using it. Even trying to get weak Pokemon that aren't in the game can be tough because people ask for ludicrous ones in return. You can even trade with randoms who are called passerbys or acquaintances if you have traded or battled with them before. There is also a new trade feature called Wonder Trade which allows to do a random trade. You deposit a Pokemon and so does your partner. You never know what you're going to get until it happens. A lot of the time you will get crap though.

There are also people asking for Pokemon that don't exist yet or can't even be traded through the GTS. Battles on the other hand, you will find lots of in the Battle Spot. There are four different kinds of battles. Single with three Pokemon each, Double with four each, Triple with six each, and Rotation Battles which I've never done.

Question 3: Yes. Like with BW and BW2, the game is compatible with WEP connections, WPA connections, and WPA 2 connections.

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@crimsonavenger: Does BW still have an active community? Or is it basically a ghost town filled with hackers now?

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I bought Y recently after watching TPP. It's fine, it's a pokemon game. I was having fun for about 40 hours but now I'm dropping off again. If you haven't played pokemon for a while I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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Do it. Black and White was a better Pokemon game for people who already love Pokemon, but X/Y is a better Pokemon game for everybody else.

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