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I am absolutely useless when it comes to using a stylus with my right hand and have failed every attempt at a lvl 2 Super Training. I try with my left hand and I cannot switch from stylus to analogue stick fast enough. Right now I am starting to get the hang of stylus in my left hand, with my pinky finger on the stick, but that prevents me from using the L button.

Does anyone have any ideas for a left handed gamer? Is there any support for the dual analogue attachment (I am considering buying it just for the fact that it blocks the cartridge slot on my 3DS)?

Edit: Also how do you actually land a charge shot? Every time I try to hold down the stylus my pokemon (i have tried about a half dozen or so), just start auto firing. By the time the charge shot powers up, the target has been hit, disappeared, or my multiplier has been spent to the point where my charged shot only nets me 20 points.

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That's weird about the charge shot. You should be able to hold it down and you start glowing. If I land those shots I get almost 600 points which helps immensely. Also I'm left handed and it took lots of perseverance and luck to get medals on all the stages, and i've seen the comment on other forums, so you're not alone. That being said, I'm not really sure how useful level 2 and 3 are because I swear I could bang out 3 level 1's much faster than a level 3, even with the animation.

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@alanm26v5: Once you hit a certain level of attack/special attack Ev's you can three shot the lvl 3 super training with charged shots.

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I haven't played that much yet, only done one level 2. At first I couldn't do it at all but then I figured out that I could manage to hold the stylus in my right hand with a weird overhand grip very close to the tip (so I'm basically using my right index finger to tap the screen) while resting the 3DS against my leg. It's still probably harder than what it would be for a right handed person but It seems doable so far.

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Each Pokemon has a different special charge attack, but some of them (like Pikachu) don't stop firing while they charge, instead doing a rapid fire attack. It should still fill your meter and then you have to lift your stylus off the screen and tap again to fire the super shot.

At least, that's what I have found.

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