So I have beat the game. Now what?

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I picked up Pokemon X and have beat the game. Now what? I know there is the Battle Castle thing and I think there is another battle area, and another city. Is there anything else?

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There are usually quests and pokemon that you can only get post game, so maybe you can do those. If you're not into catching them all, then that's pretty much it for you.

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Was thinking of picking up Y. The game seemed too easy. I thought the starters determined the difficulty?

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@ganthet2814 said:

Was thinking of picking up Y. The game seemed too easy. I thought the starters determined the difficulty?

What would be your reason for picking up Y? It's basically the same game.

Starters don't have any direct affect on difficulty, it's just that some Pokemon have an easier time with the early gym leaders than others. Pokemon is always easy.

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Did you catch them all?
Oh no wait, that's not the thing you do anymore in those games..
Did you.. "Trade and somehow get them all with no effort?" because if not, you have a long way to go to become the best there ever was :P

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Play something else.

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You look at your life and ask yourself if it was all worth it.

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  • There's the legendaries; Mewtwo, Zygarde, and one of the three legendary birds. (Depends on your starter I believe)
  • You could try to get all the Mega Stones
  • Friend Safari
  • There's also a small side story of sorts that a guy named Looker gives you in Lumiose City.
  • Of course there's always completing the Pokedex. There are a shitload of Pokemon in this game, so it could take you quite awhile.
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@zeik: I was thinking of playing through the game again, and sense there is no way to start another character without restarting the whole game. Also it would be fun to see if using other starters would make a difference.

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Are you the very best, like no one ever was?

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From what I understand, there are a few postgame quests in addition to the usual "Battle Tower" equivalent. Also, this is the part where you EV train the hell out of your pokemon and challenge random people online.

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If you didn't catch'em all, you didn't beat the game. You're a disgrace! You don't deserve those badges!

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Stat train etc? there's some hidden depth to Pokémon that the game doesn't surface the impact of that well. It's grindy but there's a good amount of fun to be had competitively with it.

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