So the only Pokemon that I have played is Red

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I know that Pokemon gets a lot of shit for being the same game every time a new one comes out. But if the Madden people can make changes over a 15 year period so can the Pokemon people. Are there any special mechanics that I need to look out for? Like I think I heard that a treats system was put in the game at some point. Do I need to look a wiki to know when to give what pokeman what shit? Most of what I remember is: Go into tall grass and press A on shit.

Also whoever designed Fennekin was a asshole. It is like the Froakie dude made a cross-eyed smurf mutant with a beard, and Fennekin dude was all like....fuuuuuuuuu......I my guy has ear hair. I was set on picking a fire type because Charmander yo. But Fennekin's ear hair, however bad ass the ear hair is, can't stand up to Froakie's swagger.

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You'll be in for a treat. Won't spoil the surprise.

You don't need to know anything going in.

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There are three more types of Pokemon, Dark, Steel and Fairy, they were introduced to counter certain overpowered types. There's also around 550+ more Pokemon,l roughly 40% of whom are new Eevee evolutions. You can give your pokemon stuff to hold now, items with different effects or berries that they'll use on their own to heal themselves. Also all Pokemon now have some sort of passive ability, and there's a blue exp bar beneath your HP gauge to tell you how close you are to leveling. Also the "Special" stat has been divided into "Special Attack" and "Special Defense", also whether an attack is considered 'physical' or 'special' is now individually determined, so electric attacks for instance can be both 'physical' or 'special' instead of just 'special'. Also there are a ton more random ways to evolve Pokemon now, including evolving a bunch of Pokemon from Red & Blue that previously did not evolve. Also the pokemon animate and are in 3D n' stuff.

Also you can now remove HM's once a Pokemon learns them, but only from some guy, I dunno, I don't remember him that well. Also TM's are infinite use now, just like HM's. Also there's a light day and night cycle, it effects stuff. Also Pokemon have 'Natures' that make them stronger in one stat but weaker in another, compared to their peers. They also have some other similar personality-thingamastats that affect what they're into but it's not all that important. Also Pokemon have genders now and you can breed them. Turns out, all Pokemon lay eggs. Speaking of, the Pokemon 'Ditto' is now somewhat useful. Also There's a hidden 'friendship' stat that some Pokemon evolve based upon. Also there's a hidden 'affection' stat, it does stuff. Also it is now slightly easier to learn about what EV's are. Also there are battles where you fight 2 on 2 and 3 on 3, or in the sky or against hordes of PKMN. Also there's more story and a lot more characters. Also you get more experience if your Pokemon is lower in level than the one it defeated, but less if it is higher. Also some legendaries are 'roaming' which basically translates into 'annoying as crap to catch'. Also there are MEGA EVOLUTIONS, they are unlike normal evolutions in that they are MEGA, and also temporary.

Also are you a boy or a girl? also you can customize your trainer with clothes. Also you can go up waterfalls or smash rocks and maybe headbutt trees. also there is "Dark Grass" where you can encounter 2 wild pokemon at once. Also you now have a phone and people will call to bug you about stuff, or you could call them and they will tell you about stuff, I dunno. Also you can refight some trainers sometimes, though they keep changing how that sytem works. Also there are often Battle Towers or Battle Subways or somethin' that let you fight against NPC's using restricted teams that actually make the game challenging. Also at some point you could grow plants and enter beauty contests or star in movies or make pokeballs or ride a ferris wheel but those have come and gone idk.

It's mostly the same game.

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Straight up, this game is great. I suggest buying it to literally everyone, and you are NO DIFFERENT. They have amplified everything that makes pokemon good

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