Specific Friend Safari Request Thread

#1 Posted by Amhotep (59 posts) -

The concept behind the Friend Safari is great. It's an easier way to find hidden abilities and pokemon with great IV's. Unfortunately to actually have friends who have the pokemon you want is incredibly rare. So the purpose of this thread is to request pokemon you are seeking and if someone has those pokemon as their personal Friend Safari they can either post their friend code in the topic or send the requester a PM.

So I guess I will start this off. If anyone has a Ditto, Riolu or Froakie in their friend safari I will be extremely grateful if they would share their friend code with me so I can start building my team.

Thanks everyone, hopefully with this thread we can eliminate some of the luck factor involved in finding the pokemon you want in FS.

Friend Code: 5343-8311-6078

#2 Posted by LarsHJ (49 posts) -

LF Ditto Safari, please sent me FC

My FC is: FC: 2208-5811-8745

My safari has klefki,forretress,and magneton, let me know if you need those and have added my FC.

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