Spreading Pokerus Love (EV Train Faster!)

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Hey everyone! I have just been made aware of a new (faster) method to EV training multiple pokemon at once and want to enact it but it does require this little thing called Pokerus (which doubles the EVs gained through battle) pokerus is found randomly from wild pokemon and I wanted to see if anyone would be willing to start a pokerus train here to help everyone out on a tedious process.

One thing to note about Pokerus is that a pokemon with it can spread it to others it is in battle with and that a pokemon with pokerus will stay contagious as long as its in the PC. Pokemon out of the PC keep the effect but lose its contagious value after out of the PC for a few days.

Here is a link to the EV Training guide I'm refering to

and here is my FC: 3093-7398-3347 if you care to start spreading the Pokerus Love

Happy EV Training!

Note: If anyone would like to make a table for this sort of thing if it becomes popular that would be great (I don't know how to do such a thing)

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I have an affected Flabebe I might be able to spread to some undesirable pokes in my box should you want it? It's going to take me a little need to finish breeding for this shiny. Shoot me a PM if I somehow forget ;)

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#4 Posted by Aegon (6652 posts) -

This is a good virus? Really?

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@aegon: Yes, it's another one of those Pokemon things that they have never come out and explained but all the competitive players figured out.

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Alright, making it now -- shoot me a FR: 1349 5757 1964. It'll be on a Gastly, that cool? Remember to store it in your PC and keep it there otherwise it'll loose it's contagious-ness. Only take it out when you want to spread it.

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OH....that explains things. I wondered why all MY pokemon had Pokerus while most others didn't. I did see something about that at the pokecenter nurse said "Its appears one of your pokemon has contracted a virus it can spread to others!" I only caught the last bit and missed anything else since I was just tapping away going "ye heard this all before...wait what was that?"

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Yeah so, as long as you deposit the still contagious pokes in your PC before midnight of any given day (if you have them still in your party) it'll keep the virus for another 24 hours to spread. Once it looses it, it's only cured the viral nature of it -- it'll still say it's infected by it; just can't spread it anymore.

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Can someone infect me? My friend code is 3780-9657-6078. My trainers name is Valerie.

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Add me, I can only do it right now though.

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I remember back in 2000 I got it in Pokemon Gold and my friend (who had Silver) and I were thinking it was harming it. Then I talked to the Professor in the game and we did some research online ... but I couldn't get my head around EV training haha

Anyway, I'd appreciate an infected Pokemon! My friend code is 4382-2149-1567 ... if you have Pokemon Y I have Clauncher from X you can have.

Anyone can add me for trades/battles, etc.

#12 Posted by jahangir911 (2 posts) -

Hi guys can you please please share pokerus with me FC 1220 7302 2384

Thank you

#13 Posted by soulkiller (2 posts) -

I would be grateful if someone can give me a pokerus infected pokemon


Many thanks

#14 Posted by Canteu (2864 posts) -

@aegon: Pokérus has always been good.

#15 Posted by Over1993 (2 posts) -

If anybody could please trade me a mon that's infected with pokerus, that would be great. I can give you a nice scyther or squirtle in return too (or another poke if you want).

FC: 3497-0551-5996

Thanks a lot in advance!

#16 Posted by quiz0 (2 posts) -

Please share the pokerus love with me :)


I have Pokemon X if anyone needs specific Pokemon.

Thank you!

#17 Posted by Garfield518 (405 posts) -

You can max EV in 30 mins using Super Training.

You don't need to grind anymore.

#18 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12729 posts) -

You can max EV in 30 mins using Super Training.

You don't need to grind anymore.

You can max EV for up to 6 pokemon in 10 minutes with this method. It's crazy.

#19 Posted by alanm26v5 (545 posts) -

Does pokerus double super training gains by chance? Traditional ev training never sounded like a fun process to me, especially keeping track of everything manually since those numbers aren't easily surfaced to my knowledge.

#20 Posted by ajamafalous (12448 posts) -

Does Pokérus work on Super Training EV gains? I'd rather just Super Train. I'm so over grinding the same wild Pokemon for hours to EV train.

#21 Edited by Flappy (2404 posts) -

@ajamafalous: @alanm26v5: From what I understand, it doesn't affect the gains from Super Training.

Edit: My game is practically a Timid Fennekin Pokerus farm at this point.

It's fucking disgusting.

#22 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12729 posts) -

Does Pokérus work on Super Training EV gains? I'd rather just Super Train. I'm so over grinding the same wild Pokemon for hours to EV train.

It does not, sadly.

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Seems pretty useless this gen then. Super training is so easy and fast (and I'm even left handed) that I'd rather do that instead.

#24 Posted by ajamafalous (12448 posts) -

@gike987 said:

Seems pretty useless this gen then. Super training is so easy and fast (and I'm even left handed) that I'd rather do that instead.

Yeah, 100% agree.

#25 Posted by mrwells (2 posts) -

that would be awesome if I could get pokerus too. fc: 3067-5580-7298

#26 Posted by jamaicaman559 (39 posts) -

Can i get ze pokerus as well? Fc:2535-5031-7021

#27 Posted by jimmycc (2 posts) -

Cool thanks for the information! Would definitly appreciate it if anyone could hook me up with this pokerus. My fc is 323936260096. Thanks for the help!

#28 Posted by renjie (2 posts) -

Hey could i get pokerus as well, fc 1822-0257-6862.. THANKS!

#29 Posted by pokemike (6 posts) -

Add me! Please!

Mike: 2294-4714-6385

Pokemon Y.

#30 Posted by FranzDiamond (6 posts) -

Can anyone give me pokerus my fc is 0232-8872-4684 and give me ur fc as well please thanks. Message me

#31 Edited by shadowbunny360 (4 posts) -

@franzdiamond: hey add me 379761927995 please if you got the pokerus can you trade me one

#32 Posted by FranzDiamond (6 posts) -
#33 Posted by shadowbunny360 (4 posts) -
#34 Edited by phampire (292 posts) -

I would like a pokemon with the pokerus. My fc is 0619-4290-9497.

#35 Posted by shadowbunny360 (4 posts) -

@phampire: can you spread it to me also 379761927995

#36 Edited by Chris_Smack (3 posts) -

@phampire: Hi, could you trade with me too please?

FC is 4785-4853-5750

#37 Posted by KingRathalos (2 posts) -

Hey. I'm pretty interested in some pokerus. Would really appreciate it.


#38 Edited by phampire (292 posts) -

@chris_smack: @shadowbunny360: Sorry my post made it sound like I already had pokerus, I'm still looking for it but I'll pass it on if i do get it.

#39 Posted by Chris_Smack (3 posts) -
#40 Posted by inugamii (2 posts) -

May I also receive an infected Pokemon? I have multiple Gible and Larvitar. I also have a Reuniclus and Pupitar to trade as well. FC 1392-5255-7038. Inugamii

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Is there any point to pokerus now that Super Training lets you max out EVs? The only time I can see it being useful is for training up a full party of pokemon all at once with exp share.

Also, all these 1 post dudes!

#44 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

@petiew: With the right items, pokerus and fighting hordes only (using sweet scent or honey) lets you max out evs far quicker than super training alone. The link in the OP is a youtube video guide with all the relevant details.

#45 Posted by Pokefan243 (2 posts) -

Hey guys, I had a huge army of pokerus infected pokemon on white 2 (50+), but with this pokemon box thing not coming out til December I'm not looking to wait that long, so I'd love if someone could hit me up with an infected pokemon. I have all of the version exclusives of pokemon x (and also looking for version exclusives to y) so let me know if anyone can help me out! My fc is 3609-1170-0382. Thanks again! (Sorry, new here, only one post lol)

#47 Posted by AlisterCat (6133 posts) -

I got the game 3 days before release, and the first pokemon I caught had Pokerus. Couldn't believe it.

#48 Posted by jay69kay (2 posts) -

Can someone please trade me a pkrs Pokemon? 4253 4596 9526

#49 Edited by jamaicaman559 (39 posts) -

@alistercat: so how many pokemon do you have that are infected?????

#50 Posted by crowarden (2 posts) -

@thamilkman: can i get some pokerus love too ? my FC.255212904040

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