Spreading Pokerus Love (EV Train Faster!)

#51 Posted by jamaicaman559 (39 posts) -

@thamilkman: can i have some pokerus too? Fc:2535 5031 7021

#52 Posted by Bollard (6293 posts) -

Dang new accounts across the sky in here!

#53 Posted by pokemike (6 posts) -
#54 Posted by Flackyboi (2 posts) -

Can someone send me a pokerus pokemon please? 1418-6916-2066

Thanks :)

#55 Posted by disboima (2 posts) -

trade me a pkrs POkemon please.

FC: 5284 - 2672 - 8322

#56 Posted by AWESOME_ (6 posts) -

Yo my FC is 4210-4214-1562 and it'd be tight if I could get some of that pokerus.

#57 Edited by BaYaReA650 (2 posts) -

I've added you
FC 3711 8136 6129
Thanks if you do help

#58 Posted by Dgallarza (2 posts) -

Can I join the pokerus club?? FC is 4871-3354-3248
Please and thank you (:

#59 Edited by perfectlizardwizard (115 posts) -

For everyone messaging me, I don't have it anymore. It was on a friend's cart and I only had a limited time to share it before he needed it back.

#60 Posted by FranzDiamond (6 posts) -

Got Pokerus

#61 Edited by FranzDiamond (6 posts) -

ill give a pokemon with pokerus for a heracrosite

#62 Posted by PandaBear (1484 posts) -

I have Froakies coming out of my ass I can give you if someone has a PokeRus infected dude I can have.

FC: 4382-2149-1567

#63 Edited by FranzDiamond (6 posts) -

Does anyone have heracrosite and houndoomite and Ill give them pokerus

#64 Posted by perfectlizardwizard (115 posts) -

Hording pokerus > lel.

#65 Edited by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

Can someone trade me an infected pokemon? My friend code is 3909-8554-9093

#66 Posted by derpxd (5 posts) -

@zeromyrrh: hey man. I'll do it after school today if you want. I have it on my game

#67 Posted by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

@derpxd: ill be free between 11 and 4

#68 Posted by Zogard (15 posts) -

add me i have a lot infected Pokemon in my box FC: 5429 7340 4957

#69 Posted by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

@zogard: i already added you, at what time its good for you?

#70 Posted by kawatron (3 posts) -

@zogard: i already added you, my FC : 1779 0037 0251, thanks for help us

#71 Posted by derpxd (5 posts) -

My fc is 0576-4764-8362

#72 Posted by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

Already got pokerus, im gonna be tomorrow from 10 to 4 exchanging infected pokemon for everyone who wants it, any pokemon will do it but if you have a growlithe i would be better, my friend code is 3909-8554-9093

#74 Posted by kawatron (3 posts) -

hi, @zeromyrrh: my FC : 1779 0037 0251, thanks and see you tomorrow

#75 Posted by derpxd (5 posts) -

I am also adding people for friend safari if you guys could please help me out

Again the fc is 0576-4764-8362

#76 Posted by mansako (2 posts) -

can someone trade me an infected pokemon. my FC is 0318-7879-8049.(im also doing this for friend safari and pokerus)

#77 Posted by jacson10e (5 posts) -

@zeromyrrh My FC_ 0146-9278-0360, thanks, see you tomorrow

#78 Edited by derpxd (5 posts) -

@mansako: I added you. My fc is further up on the page

#79 Edited by super2j (2056 posts) -

@akyho said:

OH....that explains things. I wondered why all MY pokemon had Pokerus while most others didn't. I did see something about that at the pokecenter nurse said "Its appears one of your pokemon has contracted a virus it can spread to others!" I only caught the last bit and missed anything else since I was just tapping away going "ye heard this all before...wait what was that?"

lol, there should be a comedy skit or maybe a horror movie based on that. In the beginning a guy skips over the text in the pokecenter and doesn't see that Nurse Joy was saying

"I am coming to killllll you! *backwords devil speak*, 666 murder murder. (Insert real name), why did you leave me alone, don't you care about the child we had together?".

I would probably burn the game with fire.

#80 Posted by Crisishere (4 posts) -

someone trade me the pokerus? my fc: 1134-8269-5813 i'll give you a dragonair or something nice.

#81 Posted by AWESOME_ (6 posts) -

@zeromyrrh: I added you, my fc is 4210-4214-1562

#82 Edited by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

I have it, and I am willing to infect the first 3 users who write a Pokemon Haiku. (Normally I would be more generous, but there are so many of you.)

#83 Posted by Crisishere (4 posts) -

@hunter5024: worth a shot

In the shallow pond

Azumarill leaps

In gen VI

Azumarill sweeps

happy? I'm not a very great poet uvu

#84 Posted by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

@crisishere: I don't believe that's a Haiku, but I appreciate the effort and will infect you anyways. PM me your FC and Trainer name.

#85 Posted by Zogard (15 posts) -

@kawatron : already add you

#86 Posted by Zogard (15 posts) -

I have only 1hours to online...so add me and will trade my infected Pokemon...

#87 Posted by Crisishere (4 posts) -

@hunter5024: OH MOTHER F ....... I've utterly failed >.< But woo, thanks anyway!

#88 Edited by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

In the interest of fairness, I am expanding my Haiku requirement to any form of Pokemon Poetry (Poketry.)

#89 Posted by jacson10e (5 posts) -

@zogard: My FC is 0146-9278-0360, please add me!

#90 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -

@zogard: i've added you my fc is 0619 4290 9497

#91 Posted by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

just leaving it again for new people, i will trade pokerus pokemon today from 10 to 4, my fc is 3909-8554-9093

#92 Posted by jacson10e (5 posts) -

@hunter5024: Gengar is my sweeper

Entry hazards from Klefki

Pokemon Haiku.

My FC is 0146-9278-0360 please add me, thanks

#93 Posted by jacson10e (5 posts) -
#94 Posted by phampire (292 posts) -
#95 Posted by tiefblau (2 posts) -
#96 Posted by zeromyrrh (8 posts) -

trading pokerus right now, fc is 3909-8554-9093

#97 Posted by alder29 (2 posts) -

@zeromyrrh: I would also like an infected pokemon :) my FC is 4656-7066-5142

#98 Posted by saymikki (2 posts) -

Can I get some pokerus love too? :D FC: 4468-2064-5479, PM me when you are able!! Thanks in advance. Feel free to add me just for safari too haha

#99 Posted by xRaindrops (6 posts) -

@zeromyrrh Can I join the pokerus club too? I would really like to have an infected pokemon. FC is 3582 8986 3601.

#100 Posted by Groudy91 (2 posts) -

If someone trades me pokerus i will spread it to other pokes and give some out too!

Please add me and request trade in game!

FC - 2621-4053-4316

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