Spreading Pokerus Love (EV Train Faster!)

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#153 Posted by passion_fire (3 posts) -
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#154 Edited by fiasco (3 posts) -

@phampire: I added you... My friend code is 1349 5843 9020.

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#155 Edited by phampire (294 posts) -
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#156 Posted by fiasco (3 posts) -
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#157 Posted by passion_fire (3 posts) -
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#158 Posted by 1youri (5 posts) -

Can I please have a pokemon with pokerus too? FC 0404-6814-2120

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#159 Edited by vikingdeath1 (1182 posts) -

I caught it randomly in SoulSilver a few years back and kept a bunch of infected guys in my PC.

They're probably still there...

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#160 Posted by 1youri (5 posts) -

@vikingdeathnice, but as long as pokemon bank isnt launched, you can't transfer them yet; I have a infected pokemon on soulsilver myself too, and transfered it to black 2, but I cant transfer them to Y and I really need a pokemon with pokerus...

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#161 Posted by GeorgeWangSF (2 posts) -

Hi everyone, can someone please infect me as well? my FC is: 2664-2122-7561.

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#162 Posted by Heryul (3 posts) -

Please, can I have Pokerus too?
My friendcode is 0318-7863-5433

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#163 Posted by cyberwolf247 (38 posts) -

my friend code is 2552-1820-1727, looking for ghosts

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#164 Edited by xjebbx (2 posts) -

can i get pokerus too? this is my fc 0087-2718-4515

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#165 Posted by Paul15M (2 posts) -

Can I please get pokerus too? Fc: 4983 6233 3170

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#166 Posted by LarsHJ (86 posts) -

Please spread some pokerus love to me

FC: 2208-5811-8745

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#167 Posted by Heryul (3 posts) -

@phampire: I added you, can you please send me a pokemon with pokerus?

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#168 Posted by phampire (294 posts) -
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#169 Posted by Isaiahtjee (2 posts) -

If someone would trade me a pokemon with pokerus that would be awesome :)

fc : 3196-3698-1648

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#170 Posted by SamusAaronJinks (2 posts) -


I need the pokerus pleasee :)

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#171 Posted by deadmoscow (287 posts) -

I just got the Pokerus through Wonder Trade, of all things. It's incubating in my PC now, but I'll be spreading it around my own dudes fairly soon and hopefully I can spread the love.

My friend code is 5026-4571-4577, if you add me go ahead and PM me with your friend code and I'll try to get you an infected dude.

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#172 Posted by 43minutes (2 posts) -

@deadmoscow: added. can I get pokerus from you? my friend code is 1521-3462-5844

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#173 Posted by ThatGuyPsy (2 posts) -

@deadmoscow: I'd love some Pokerus love as well! My FC is: 3153-4081-7890

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#174 Posted by Isaac (128 posts) -

@deadmoscow: fc: 2294-4844-6606 thanks if you are still spreading the love(pokerus)

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#175 Posted by rbi99 (2 posts) -

Would anyone be kind enough to trade me some Pokerus action? I can offer things like Togepi, Skarmory, Excadrill, Pupitar, Moxie Heracross, X exclusives...I also have a Poison safari with Seviper, Garbodor, and Toxicroak FC: 1392-5250-8808

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#176 Posted by Kryo669 (2 posts) -

I'd really appreciate it if I could also get in on the pokerus spreading. FC is 0061 1022 6746

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#178 Edited by marsarik (4 posts) -

@deadmoscow: If you are still trading around the pokerus could I get a trade with it? My FC is 0662-2673-9150

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#179 Edited by youwantsomemeat (2 posts) -


Is my friend code.

@phampire if you still have pokerus add me!

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#180 Posted by daniellechaar (2 posts) -

@deadmoscow My FC : 0447-6499-5916, if you still have Pokerus, please add me c: Thanks!

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#181 Posted by awesome8x (7 posts) -

If anybody has Pokérus to spare, my FC is 0576 - 4281 - 8230. Thanks!

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#182 Posted by buxhero (2 posts) -

Anyone left out there to infect me add me on 2895 7919 6724.

Just started but want prepare myself for wifi battles etc

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#183 Posted by randommarien (2 posts) -

@daniellechaar: Did you ever get any? :) My boyfriend would love to have Pokerus and I thought it'd be a nice surprise :D

... plus I wouldn't mind having some too ;)

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#184 Posted by Midgar (48 posts) -
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#185 Posted by rafaloco (2 posts) -

If anyone still has Pokerus please add me.

My FC is: 4983-5318-3168


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#186 Posted by leiarenee (2 posts) -

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me? Lame sob story time, I'm broke as a joke this Christmas, but my friend and his mom bought me a refurbished 3DS and Pokemon X... yeah, they're super awesome. Anyway, brand-spanking new to Pokemon, this is my first foray into your playground. And I love it.

Long Story Short [IE TOO LATE] my friend (the aforementioned Gift-Giver) mentioned that he really wants Pokerus if I ever got infected. Not to mention that after doing research, I wouldn't mind it either. I was hoping that if someone could hook me up, I could in turn surprise him with it for Christmas. YAY!

I have nothing substantial to trade, :( like I said, first time player here and actually JUST started playing about 5 days ago. So... womp womp.

You will however, earn my eternal gratitude and know that you made 2 people's Christmas. If that's any consolation? ... =/


Leia (like Star Wars)

FC is 5429 8278 9387

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#187 Posted by jeancsa (2 posts) -

Plese if someone have pokerus add me


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#188 Posted by johnjovig (2 posts) -

I would really appreciate it if someone could trade me an infected pokemon :)...My FC is 4184-3516-3816

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#189 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

@johnjovig I can hook you up with some Pokerus. My code is 5215 0485 1254, trainer name Beetle. I've added you, so just let me know when a good time to jump online is.

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#190 Posted by xShadeFatex (2 posts) -


Don't know how many people still actively play, but I'd love to be infected too if a kind soul is willing :)

FC - 3282-4041-7569

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#191 Posted by TheMightySkullboy (85 posts) -

@xshadefatex I'm pretty active as I try to get my battling team together. Add me (5215 0485 1254, trainer name Beetle) and if you see me online request a trade!

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#192 Posted by JJOR64 (19642 posts) -

Personally I think Pokerus is kinda useless now since there is Super Training, one of the best new features in X/Y. I really hope OM/AS has it.

If you want to do EV training the old school way, then by all means go right ahead. Not trying to look down on anyone.

Yes I am actually. #Kappa

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