The best thing in this game is optional. (SPOILERS)

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So I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Y because it's Pokemon and I have to catch all of them and also make them have sex with a purple blob inbetween bouts of catching them all. Pokemon games generally have the same structure in terms of plot. Young kid gets a Pokemon, sets out on quest to get the badges, becomes only good Pokemon trainer in the region and thus is the only one able to stop the nefarious evil color coded team. Y was no different, though Team Flare (why were they not called Team Flair? It would have been way better!) was probably the lamest of the evil teams thus far.

Naturally I didn't expect anything good from the plot, just enough to get me from one place to the next.

But then I beat the Elite Four and opened a string of side missions centered in Lumiose City and found out that the best thing in the game was a totally optional side plot involving the man known only as Looker. Pokemon players might recognize the name from Gen V.

I'm not going to spoil the side plot because I think it is the best thing the game has outside of catching Pokemon but I will say that those little strings of missions told a better story than the main plot threads of X/Y. It is entirely centered upon running around Lumiose City with a few Pokemon battles to spruce things up, but every chapter is bookended by charming character stuff that sells it.

Playing through the Looker stuff really got me wishing a whole Pokemon game was like this. Instead of being some kid that just moved into a small town, you're some new detective getting ready to travel the world solving Pokemysteries that ultimately leads to an evil team and a legendary Pokemon. Obviously it'll never happen because that's not a direction Pokemon needs to take, but a man can dream.

I'm probably blowing this way out of proportion, but I just really liked the Looker stuff. Like, to the point where I wanted more of it. It is the best thing in Pokemon Y and the only reward you get is happiness. Seriously, just give it a shot inbetween your EV training and battle manoring. Maybe you'll hate it. That's cool. I loved it. That's cool too.

But just answer this question: Wouldn't you like to be a Pokemon Detective? Wouldn't you like to solve Pokecrime?

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Pokemysteries [...] Pokecrime

Why would you do that?

Also, I would rather eat a Pokemon than interact with one in any other way.

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I'd be down for that. Too bad the chances of this happening are pretty looooooooow.

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It'd be fun I guess. Bet I'd name my character Layton lol or maybe Kudo... can't decide :/

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